Scotch Eggs – Crispy Sausage-Wrapped Soft Cooked Egg – How to Make Scotch Eggs

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How to make Scotch Eggs! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Scotch Eggs recipe!


stormcat126 says:

Your eggs are not better than Jesus rising from the tumb!!

Ozark Lisa says:

Packed up in a lunch in winter, cross country skiing or snowshoeing, there is nothing that beats these for energy.

Travis says:

I love the inflection in your voice

E M says:

"…and the tape…" thanks for the laugh!

Suzanne Berry says:

My Scottish friend insists this should be served cold because it is picnic food.

usna si says:

I initially thought it was egg bonda. Then I realized it was made with sausage. But your comment in the end that it came from a north Indian recipe made all sense.

John Stanton says:

first made in Britain, not India.

aby 0386 says:

Kangen gorengan

Jaigarful says:

I made this today for my mother on Mother's Day, she liked them. However she doesn't like runny yolks, so I ended up medium boiling them to where they were solid yet not completely solidified. Turned out well.

I used Bob Evan's breakfast sausage for it with a little bit of ground mustard thrown in (and a shake of chayenne)

Warrior Son says:

If you add salt, pepper and a pinch of cayenne to the chicken's feed for a few days before she lays the egg…the inside of the egg will be perfectly seasoned when laid.😌

Warrior Son says:

Interestingly…I've also found that damp balls make for smooth hands.🤔😒

David Henderson says:

I wish for “_hit on a shingle,” and long John donuts, both had as a child!!

claire Long says:

These are yummy ive made them before going to make some tomight

Goan Travel Diaries By Mac says:

Scotch eggs were invented in india , it's a type of a old classic kebab in Lucknow, that has an egg wrapped in a kebab.

Carl Franz says:

Hmmmm… If they were truly Scotch Eggs, there would a gravy. Just saying.

Dan Morris says:

Thanks for the steaming procedure. Much more accurate than boiling.

Jeffrey Nee says:

I usually make mine the night before and let them sit wrapped in the frig. or at least an hour or so before frying. You will like the results.

Resa's Random Stuff says:

here in germany we call them "Schwalbennester" which translates to "swallow nests". they come without breading tho

Jessica Woods says:

I tried these for the first time at an Irish bar & grille and im now hooked. Sooo delicious, thanks for sharing the recipe😋

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