Delicious Chinese Stir Fry Recipe with Leftover Vegetables! | Wok Wednesdays

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Thanks to its classic and varied flavour combinations, Chinese cuisine lends itself well to cooking with leftovers – ESPECIALLY for a Stir-Fry. Join Jeremy for a run-through of how to use typical Chinese pantry ingredients with whatever’s leftover in your fridge at the end of the week. Say goodbye to food waste, and hello to your very own signature dishes.

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– How to Cook a Delicious #chinese Stir-Fry with Leftover Vegetables! –

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Greg Warren says:

Oyster sauce works nicely of you don't have veggie stir fry sauce.

Hearthstoned says:

Thanks for this recipe. I bought some thin "steamed" wheat noodles at the supermarket. they are pretty much the same size as what i have seen for chow mein in china, and sort of the same thin size as you use in the video.

I was wondering if there is a rule in chinese cooking of what sauce goes with what noodle thickness?. I know in Italian cooking they are very particular with these things because certain sauce does not stick to the noodles if the noodles are to thin. If there is such a rule could you explain what to look for.

I love your sauce btw, i use it all the time. but sometimes i also just go for just salt, msg and sesame oil with these thin noodles, because that reminds me more of the traditional chow mein taste when i was in china.

Ronnie Ta says:

Ahhhh am dying looks so tasty omg

Bcat BB says:

3am in the morning and i got some veg in the fridge and some dried noodle, why not right?

Welles says:

A lot of metal

Void Abstraction says:

Who would have thrown away perfectly good veg, I don't understand haha?

Jason Scott says:

Proper skills 🙌🏻 🔪

CheRished the moments says:

U still have to learn more broda.. I think You are Chef de party… So many mistakes and u don't know how to explain properly.. and ur wok part it's like shit

Suraj Prabhu says:

Is vegetarian stir fry sauce an alternative to oyster sauce?

Ben Greenow says:

One tip to quickly dry your noodles – use a salad spinner 🙂

Paul G says:

what are non-egg noodle alternatives? tips?

Cooking With Chaos ! says:

This guy is incredible. At first I thought he was just a genius at presentation and teaching and marketing, I didn't expect the recipes to work as well but by God they do ! Both this recipe and his Singapore noodle come out restaurant quality at first attempt, even in the hands of imbeciles like me.

Qazxsw Qazxsw says:

miracle chef. 4:20 touches noodles and then wipes his hands on his ass

vdavis1959 says:

The best way to cut a bell pepper I've seen yet at 07:38. I'm practicing!

Niveen Sleem says:

I was terrified all the time that he would chop off his fingers.
I have to say this is a very entertaining video.

Ricardo Fermé says:

I love your accent

Victor J says:

This video alone has taught me how to chop and cook. Great job!!

K - PoP - LoVe says:

Is that lee kum kee dark soya sauce?

Omar Adams says:

Where can I purchase a WOK like that?

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