Easy Greek Salad Recipe

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This quick, easy, and DELICIOUS Greek salad is chock full of cucumber, tomatoes, feta, and Kalamata olives all brought together with a tangy lemon herb vinaigrette that you’re guaranteed to love! You can make it way in advance and dress before serving for a great anytime meal.

Full Recipe: https://preppykitchen.com/greek-salad/

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Bahja K says:

Made this today for the Mister. He loved it. Thank you so much for the recipe 😍😍😍

Mike Rupp says:

You are so fun in the kitchen!! love the videos this salad is on my list need to eat up the potato salad with bacon I made this morning

Peggybabcot says:

Just made this tonight with moussaka and it was incredibly tasty.

Graham Jones says:

We tried it and it's delicious

Graham Jones says:

going to make this thank you so much!

Elicia Reynolds says:

YUM! Love a good Greek salad!

Boring old Me says:

Cool! You're part Greek? I thought you were Taiwanese because when I went to share one of your cooking videos on Facebook, the Taiwanese fact checkers harassed me saying I better not say anything bad, but I adore your videos so I don't get that, and I sure don't get Zuckerberg allowing it to happen in the first place. I just wanted to share your eclair recipe. My brain can't function so well in the kitchen anymore, so I watch others cook on YouTube a lot. 😀 Keep smiling. It makes everyone's day who watches your videos I'm sure. Oh, and I stopped by to watch this one because I bought a mini doner and some cones and wanted to know how to make some Greek salad.

Diana Stamatelatos Theocharis says:

Yes! Γεια σου Ελληνάρα!

Charming Ice says:

I love to make this salad.
But I use paprika as well, and dried oregano works fine too. 😉
Pro tip: don't add salt. The feta and olives are salty enough.

Keith B says:

no better salad

Mike Morrissey says:

Made this at work for the staff and clients and it came out pretty good. Very basic in flavor and easy to make. I do have to say though that it will get mushy as long as you have sliced tomatoes in it (unless you remove the pulp).

ruth santos says:

Nice ir salad sir

Magaly Palmer says:

As a man you have a lot of style how to make a Greek salad I love that salad lol.Love from Houston.

Taher's Kitchen says:

Very nice recipe, i will try

M B says:

This recipe is AMAZING! I’ve made it several times.

Emily Alison says:

I love the Oregano leaves moment lol need an oregano plant

Mizz Amari says:

It was so yummy!!! Just made it today and I can’t stop eating it 😂🙌🏽

Vladislav Dimitrov says:

This looks more like Bulgarian shopska salad, but I'm sure it tastes good. The greek salad usually has a big piece of non-crumbled cheese on top, sprinkled with dry herbs/oregano and just pure olive oil.

Shannon’s Diaries says:

I heard greek people are racist, is that true?

Chris Walls says:

Looks good also put it on sandwich

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