healthy & tasty veg tawa fry recipe | tawa sabzi | tawa fry vegetables | tawa fry sabji

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full recipe:


veg tawa fry recipe | tawa sabzi recipe | tawa fry vegetables | tawa fry sabji with detailed photo and video recipe. a unique and interesting dry sabji or vegetable-based appetizer recipe made with choice of vegetables and combination of spices. it is particularly made and served as a starter but can also be served as dry curry with a choice of inidan flatbreads or rice variation. there isn’t any hard and fast rule for the choice of vegetables, but the set of veggies used in this post makes it an ideal combination.
Enjoy my new recipe for perfect family gatherings. Not to forget, it is important to clean our vegetables from unwanted dirt and surface contaminants like pesticides, wax, germs, etc. before we start cooking. Like share and comment if you like this too.

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Hebbars Kitchen says:

Do you like shadi wali tawa sabzi?? Which vegetables you like to select??

full recipe:

indira murthy says:



Very unhealthy food…

ChanguMangu says:

The wayvu advertising vegetable wash, people will put them in dishes and try the taste.

Shruti Pawaskar says:

I dont like brinjal

Smita Jain says:

Hi,,, instead of French beans can I put mutter?

Avinash Ravichandran says:

This came out very well. Tasted very delicious.

S S says:

Add boiled rice in it …to make veg tawa pulav

shruthi s says:

Hi , Archana you became one of our family member as ur receipe will go in morning , afternoon , night …. Really awesome vedios and ur receipe … Thank you and all the best

Neeta Chouhan says:

Wao amazing ❤️

Allapp mutreja says:

Mam urs all recipes r awesome

Manoj S says:

So basically veggies are cleaned with the solution then again in the cold water to get rid of solution.what is the use of this over here?

Srivishnupriya Venkataraman says:

I am sorry to say but it is not healthy because of deep frying

Archana Pardeshi says:

By frying lost all healthiness of veg

Pratik Joshi says:

Instead of deep fry, steam vegetables or fry with little oil.

Vimala Ragavan says:

Yummy yummy taste

Reshu Agarwal says:

100% unhealthy

RSV Girish says:

I don't like vigies fried in oil, better stir fry.

Cooking Ideas And Tips says:

Ma sha Allah beautiful yummy tasty recipe

Sahithi Chaganti says:

I love hebbar's kitchen…. No much talking. Directly intlo the recipe.
But in this recipe… All veggies are deep fried… How is that healthy??

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