How to Make Mexican Vegan Pozole | Pozole Vegano

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Pozole has always been a special occasion meal in Mexico. People will serve it for birthdays, any an all sorts of parties, and it’s very popular during the holiday season and quite common to see pozole on offer at the Christmas dinner table.

This veganized pozole makes a great substitute for the meat versions. Of course, because there’s no meat in this, it’s not going to taste exactly like chicken or pork pozole. But in the 2 years that I’ve been making it this way, I’m fully satisfied every time the pozole craving strikes.

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Maggie Noir says:

Is it tablespoon or teaspoon?, because it looks like you’re using a tablespoon. 😮

Street Jazz says:

I'm gonna make this now 😀 on my way to the supermarket to buy the ingredients!!!! Thanks for a great video.

Epicurean Disipline says:

Hominy do I need?

Maribel Mendez says:

cant wait to trying
to cook that because my husban is vegan

Letti Delgado says:

That looks really good…

Bluitt Dawn says:

I made it with Hominy and Pinto Beans. I will try it this way next time. Love this. 🤤😋🙌🏿❤️

RawBrilliance says:

Nice recipe. Made me enbolden with those peppers!

Marina Llanas says:

This is my go to pozole recipe!! I find the chile ratios to be really good. Ive reccomended this video to so many ppl bc its so flavorful and amazing. I've started adding in rinsed jackfruit along with the mushrooms to add more meat texture for my nonvegan friends. Its a very adaptable recipe if you prefer the taste of some chiles to others you can always adjust the ratio however u want. Love it! Thank u!

adrian b says:

I’d recommend adding chopped carrots and roasted tomatoes to this recipe.

Letti Delgado says:

What looks really good. Thank you

Sheilah F says:

That looks delicious😍💜

Lulu Fairbank says:

I’ve been craving this for weeks

Dipak Vora says:

I saw several recipes for vegan Pozole. Yours is the best & most complete. Lately I am becoming intolerant of dairy products, this & other recipes on your YouTube channel will come handy. Also my vegan daughter would love it when she visits us next weekend. Thank you.

Yelisa Diaz says:

Substitute for mushrooms??

Todd Kuwata says:

Just made this for my family and they all loved it. I doubled the hominy to stretch the dish. Thank you so much. This one is a keeper!

Jamie Logan says:

Omg I love This! This looks soooo good! Just have to wait for cooler weather! 😋

Emily R says:

If we don't have a very strong blender, is it alright to cut the chiles, onion, and garlic up before cooking?

Yessy Franco says:

Buen trabajo 🙌👌❤💪🇲🇽

Jenny Mtz says:

Omg thank you… i have been craving it so bad!!!!

Grace Reynoso says:

I made this for my kiddos and myself we loved it !

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