Lasagna Recipe – Beef & Cheese Lasagna – Christmas Lasagna Recipe

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Lasagna is an Italian-American Christmas tradition, and this is my favorite version! Visit for more info and over 1,500 more original video recipes! I hope you like this


Mizta Profit says:

Seth rogen is that you?

Brenda Nguyen says:

I love your videos!! It’s so straightforward! Thank you!

John Lucente says:

Have extra sauce ready. As always thank you Chef John! And Enjoy!

MisVietnam ASMR says:

😋best recipe, easy happy meal😍

minie laurent says:

This looks so delicious

Marina says:

Great recipe, but by god his presentation is unbearable to listen to…

Matt Johnston says:

Anyone else think he sounds just like Garfield?

Melissa Lopez says:

Ty I made and came out amazing

chodex says:

the hardest part of making lasagna is the last part where you have to let it sit for 15-20 mins

Steve Rouleau says:

I use a bolognese meat sauce for the meat sauce with a bit of loose marinara . .. just really goid

Homo Sapien says:

Lasagna night!

D J says:

no garlic …bechamel ?

hellofaplayer says:

This looks rocekt science

Garden Ideas says:

Excellent recipe. I additionally such as this Chinese beef recipe, so tender as well as juicy.


What's with the hole in your spoon?

Charles Price says:

Lost me at mushrooms but I’ll just skip that haha

PizzaGamerBoy100 says:


Like I'm gonna make this I'm sorry I cant cook

Rylan Storm says:

This one didn't go down well in our household. The big complaint was the texture of the cheese which was very grainy and eggy.

It really needs a proper bechemel sauce with some proper flavour.

Sorry Chef John but this is not one of the better lasagnas I've eaten.

erik mac says:

The fact that you sound like Garfield makes this video that much better

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