Merle's Favorite Vegan Recipes For The Spring

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These are some of Merle’s favorite vegan recipes to be whipped up in the springtime! Yum!

Energy-Boosting Buddha Bowl –
Vegan Ramen –
Southwestern-style Quinoa Salad –
Vegan Pesto Pasta –
Spring Vegetable Chowder –
Vegan Butternut Squash Al Pastor Tacos –
Buffalo Chickpea Wraps –
Vegan Chocolate Mousse –

Find more vegan recipes to make at home in the Goodful Cookbook. Order yours online here:

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Merle O'Neal says:

Thanks for watching, friends! I hope these bring some inspiration into your kitchen — were all spending more time at home right now , hopefully this helps spice up your day. Stay safe and well, everyone 💚 ✨

Nina A says:

The butternut squash tacos are AMAZING. Made them yesterday.

LiteBite says:

All these vegan recipes looks so yummy 😋

Miracles Happen says:

Actually the real name is "rucola" in Italian because "arucola" sounds like a dialect version of its original name.

Chant Farrar says:

Who the hell did Merle’s make up? chyle why is the concealer not blended. Love you Merle fire that person

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zoarium says:

me in the middle of february: ah yes, interesting.

XL Vegan Fitness says:

My Fiancé and I started a Vegan food Instagram. Go follow us ! @_xl_vegan_fitness

Neng TV says:

wow this is a healthy dish.

luckyloaded says:

Are we getting a fall/winter one??

Lisa A says:

Yummy. I will make all of them.

Ajst1987 says:

Merle’s face in the thumbnail looks like she’s looking down on us and judging us. Like she’s saying “Pathetic!”


chifi says:

I like this, but my impression was that she'd be using in-season veggies. Butternut squash is not harvested in the spring, neither is kale……

Ashley Wyatt says:

I cannot get enough of Merle! At this rate I won't have any of her vids left to watch by the end of the day lol 🙃

Bailey Smith says:

The butternut squash link isn't correct 😕

sharon anderson says:

Vegans love their one pot meal for the week. My every week stock up is rice lentils and rice. Now I can go places with those three.

sharon anderson says:

I love vegan cooking.

sharon anderson says:

I keep wanting to try tht carrot top pesto.

thecarocaro says:

I still can't get over the fact that people BUY stock, instead of making it on their own.

Flockness Girl says:

I really love how approachable and back to the basics they are I really feel like I could cook these even tho I only go vegan one day a week

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