Vegetable Puffs – Veg Puff Party Snack – Easy Puff pastry

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Haobijam Langlen says:

Please change your cooking pan.🤢🥴

Yerramreddy Jahnavi says:

Can we add tomato

RK Mishra says:

Sir, can we avoid egg wash?
If yes please give alternate

Swati says:

What replacement do you recommended for egg wash because if egg wash is used it's not a veg puff anymore. The title is veg puff so things used in the recipe needs to be veg.

Lorna D'Souza says:

I tried this recipe but was not sure how much butter to be used. Mine came but waf not crispy. Please advise. Thanks

Sheeba Reji says:

No one will till which mode

sl lokaya says:

So it is easy method for puff pastry so thank you

Marie C says:

Hi chef veg shortening is it 'copha'?
Can i use margarine?

Maha M says:

What is vegetable shortening is it Vanaspathi?

Chakravarthi Malepati says:

Sir, please let me know the model with details of machine used to make dough

Ritu Mandal says:

How to store these pastry sheets sir? For how long

Status video'$ says:

Egg wash for veg puff🤔

Uday T says:

Do chicken puff

Ajiri Sunday says:

Hello Vahchef. Have you tried making puff pastry with shortening and margarine? If yes, how did it turn out?

Malathi Ramana says:

Puff looks so yummy….

srividya C says:

You used which garam masala

Dipali Vernekar says:

What is the vegetarian substitute for egg wash?

Siddhant Suresh Kumar says:

I thought this was a veg dish……….until you applied egg wash. Man seriously, are u crazy or what, change the title to 'eggetable puff' instead of vegetable puff.


Yummy tasty and very healthy foods. Your preparation is awesome brother. 👍👌🛎🤝💐🎁

Vasundhara Dey says:

Wow! Really useful video

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