Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Jazz and Lindsay

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Watch RE-DO to see Jazzmyne and Lindsay relive their high school experiences–will they make the same mistakes twice? Find out every Saturday! Watch new episodes here:
“You can bury me in orange chicken when I die, and that will be a really beautiful funeral.”

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Dani Frances says:

Lindsay looks like Saoirse Ronan

Hope Bullard says:

Girl with the black hat is in the calorie deficit

Sky Tabin says:

Jesus loves you

Cassandra Chua says:

Lindsay: It's a Texas barbeque truck. I'm from Texas, I love barbeque.
What Lindsay wants from the Texas barbeque truck: fries

Ghislaine Latina says:

The brash rat socially tease because scent unsurprisingly choke beneath a damaging cancer. available, dangerous needle

Katelynn Bast says:

Cottage cheese and potatoe chips are delicious!

Snowy Wisdom says:

I get nauseous in the morning and I'm not pregnant to lol

reese hallis says:

food truck Thursday? not even food truck….Friday…..🤣🤣

Misa Evans says:

also love panda expreses orange chicken

사랑해안녕하세요 says:

is it just me or does Lindsey give “ KoreaBoo” vibes~?

ivory johnson says:


Hello Hello says:

Jesus loves you all

KiM sEOkJin says:

My meals:
Breakfast: nothing unless there’s something that’s already there.

Lunch: Ramen, leftovers, or this really good noodle bowl I like making. (I eat most at lunch)

Dinner: whatever my parents make. That’s normally fajitas, olive chicken, or burgers or smth else. Depends what we do. Sometimes we go out. Sometimes we eat in.

Strawberry_sky says:

The sign in the back

F r u i t y

adventuring books says:

honestly… lindsay has my diet lmfao it’s so horrible 😂 my boyfriend literally has to remind me to eat because i’m so bad at eating lmao YIKES!

Brittany-Ann H says:

mmm also! chips with hummus (like potato/kettle chips with hummus) is a lifechanging experience and oddly enough seeing jazzmyne eating lindsay's snack of chips with cottage cheese inspired me! amazing.

Madison Osborne says:

I love cottage cheese with chips, but I prefer bbq chips, so delicious 😋😋

No!!! says:

holy crap you guys eat out a lot. i only eat out once a week but i feel bad that its too much xD

Liz Simmons says:

Lindsay has a very unhealthy diet but she still looks great. Jazmyn has a healthier diet and she looks great too❤️

Weirdo Edits says:

But if Jazzmyne were a guy, then people would have taken this a lot differently

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