Exclusive Roger Hodgson (Voice of Supertramp) Interview – Creating the Classics

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Roger Hodgson, co-founder of Supertramp, discusses the creation process of some of the classics he wrote and composed such as The Awakening, Dreamer, The Logical Song, Take the Long Way Home, Lord is it Mine, Give a Little Bit, and so many more. Many of Roger’s songs that were recorded with Supertramp were written and composed by Roger before he met Rick and formed the band. Roger goes on to explain that his songs were complete before he took them to the band and were therefore not influenced by lyric or composition changes by the band members. Even though Roger and Rick shared writing credit, they each wrote and composed separately. Read more about Roger’s music and songwriting process on his Repertoire page – http://www.rogerhodgson.com/documents/repertoire.html

Roger is currently on tour. See Roger perform these gems that he discusses plus amazing material from his solo albums. Roger’s concerts are fantastic and earn glowing reviews wherever he goes. Visit http://www.RogerHodgson.com or http://www.facebook.com/RogerHodgson for additional information.

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Sharing your experience of Roger’s shows or what his songs mean to you. Roger enjoys hearing from you!

“I was so touched, your music resonated with my soul. So many memories of past times ignited, leaving me in tears at the finish…. Your music has enhanced my life throughout the good the bad & the challenging times! Hope to see you perform again.”

“Roger, your music transcends time. Your ethereal voice, magical musicianship, and meaningful lyrics touches my soul. You are blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful musicians who understand brilliantly your music. Thank you again for an experience that will always be with me. Your smile on stage says it all.”

“It’s music from the heart… every lyric, every note, and every strum are done with wholesome love and passion. It’s a kind of music that makes you happy no matter what mood you’re in. It’s the kind of music that makes you glad to be alive and able to enjoy the wonders of life :)”

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Kenny Evans says:

There are those that receive the song i.e. songwriters and there are those that amplified the song through society i.e. cultural leaders these leaders used to pick the songs based on their content i.e. Wisdom that was the pattern in the 60s, 70s, 80s, now the cultural leaders have been usurped we now have simon Cowell and the likes picking the content for society

Viorel Cotofan says:

Without doubt ,I can say they,especialy Roger,have changed my lifePlease ,excuse my poor English!

Tim Whitnell says:

I love Roger Hodgson but Rick Davies was as instrumental to the band's success as he was. Helliwell, Thomson and Siebenberg were also great musicians. They meshed brilliantly. They were my favourite group as a 13 year old in 1975 and they are still my favourite.

donna duquaine says:

He is such a wonderful man. Such a good heart. I wish he was my neighbor who I could go over and talk to him any time. So sweet. Love you Roger

Gelsyviolet says:

Magnifico musicista

Paul Orben says:

Always loved all his tunes….listen to the obscure ones….all great

Canadians committed to removing Trudeau says:

I loved Supertramp but I think it rather conceited of himself to say he's the voice of Supertramp. (and he bills himself at his concerts this way) Yes he wrote many of their biggest hits. Two of their biggest being The Logical Song and Give A Little Bit, but Supertramp was more than just Hodgson. Rick Davies gave a darker edge to Supertramps music with hits like Bloody Well Right
, Crime of the Century, Goodbye Stranger, Rudy, Asylum, Ain’t Nobody But Me, Lover Boy, Downstream, From Now On, Casual Conversations, Gone Hollywood, Just Another Nervous Wreck, Oh Darling. Yes towards the end they had creative differences and that's what pulled them apart. But this is also what made them great. I understand people have creative differences and yes it can be difficult to work together sometimes. But that's why you take a break from time to time. We've seen this time and time again with rock writing duo's. They are going at a 1000 mph making great music together and finally they burn out to the point they hate each other. Lennon/McCartney, Otis Redding/Carla Thomas, Simon/Garfunkel, The Everly Brothers, Ray and Dave Davies, ‎Liam/Noel Gallagher‎ and the list goes on. Neither Hodgson nor Davies have had anywhere near the success they had with Supertramp and both have faded into obscurity. Maybe this is what they want. Maybe after such a hectic life they both want to slow down. That's fine. But by not being together and working off each other they are robbing the world of some great music.

Kim Is Free says:

Please let us listen to your Dreamer demo. ❤️

Kim Is Free says:

Where have I been. This man is beautiful in spirit. Listening to this has brightened my day and my life. Thank you.

Clinton Fischer says:

Grew up with this man's voice feeling like he was family. Lord Is it Mine is probably my favorite. Love this man.

Radio Horizonte 94.3 fm Bs As Argentina says:

One of the biggest talented musicians of all time 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

jeffthepoet7 says:

Give a little bit. I knew he was gonna say that. Just had the feeling. Been to several Supertramp shows in their hey day and to Roger's solo show. Both are great. Love Roger's take on life.

pabloikv says:

I love his voice. So charismatic… And besides, a great musician😱😍✌❤🌸

crzrck says:

I grew up in the 80s and your songs are forever etched in my mind in my heart. You remind me so much of George Harrison. I know that his music had an influence on you. Thank you for all the wonderful memories which I am now reliving through YouTube.

Jabs 1469 says:

fools overture is my favourite song

Darius Sarrafi says:

It’s not your heart you followed Roger. It was your ego and despite all ur pseudo-spiritual songs your still full of ego!

Ian Bauer says:

Roger Hodgson is a Supertramp in his own — a seeker, a wanderer with his music.

Casey Van says:

He almost became the singer for Yes. Trevor Rabin wrote some songs and I think one of them is on talk. He does have a similar vision to Jon Anderson, and he has that high voice. But Yes with Roger singing would be just be Supertramp to me.

Dieter Wolf says:

School ,was for me the best one

Dieter Wolf says:

I was a big fan from supertamp.

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