LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! | What My 4 Kids Eat In A Day! *Kid Friendly Meals*

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Amber Bamber says:

Look at how surprised Amayah was when you gave her a whole serving of fruit

Dianne Nelson says:

Jazz am not being funny please put napkins on the table it will teach the kids table manners am in the same age range as your mother just a viewer that happens to care about kids.

Mk says:

Your are not supposed to fry with extra-virgin olive oil. I don’t even think it’s healthy to fry in that oil. It’s good for salads and marinade but not for frying.

Wilma Jones says:

Hey girl hey lol I love your videos I am going to buy those fruit and kale smoothie blend mix for my 6 year son so we can both lose weight

Krissy's Kreations says:

You battered and fried shrimp that was already cooked??? Wowwww.

egirl1965 passion says:

You are doing very well with children.

latoy Taylor says:

Why would you fry already cooked shrimp Jasmine?🙈🙅 🙊🤷🏾

Monica Davis says:

Please don't take this as a put down the fish fry is already full of sodium so maybe just use that

Shawna Williamson says:

Hey Jazz,I'm so proud of u.U came along way,and thank u for taking us on this journey with you

Babydoll Bell says:


Nancy Davis says:

Somebody post a picture of her in a green out fit with her stomach out. Then another picture with her stomach flat. I’m so hoping she is pregnant.

Erica Nation24 says:

Great video!!!

Maleica Scales says:

You feed your babies well 🙏🏾🥓🥗🍕🧃🧁🥘🍓🫐😉

Heather Moore says:

Are those nails able to be polished over?. They would match more clothing if they are.

Shelia Roberts says:

Fruit tray looks good

Shelia Roberts says:

Hi jazz and family

Realm Walker says:

Jazzman this is not to be funny or anything. If I were your big sis, my advice to you….while the kids are out of school, you should implement learning activities maybe 3 to 4 days out of the week with the kiddos. Also check out YouTube videos or Google by age group to help with ideas. There are many print outs etc…This is just a suggestion and this is something I did with my girls when they were little. It keeps them on track.. Have a great week!

Amelia's World says:

Yeah this is it ! Loved it

Sheri Mommyof4 says:

Jazz you’re doing a great job taking care of your kids and pregnant. You could’ve been a mother that don’t care about your kids, don’t feed them, don’t bathe them, don’t spend time with them, neglecting them and they end up in the system. But each day you push through it and you’re to be commended 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 keep being a great mom 💖

Cindy Sheldon says:

Omg. Mustard on fish?

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