My Life As A Vegan In Amazing India

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In today’s video I’m going to tell you what my life was like as a vegan in India.


0:00 Intro
0:27 Vegan food eating out
2:31 Vegan food eating in
3:13 The people
6:30 The vegans
7:50 What I learned




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vegan grains says:

india is by far the best land to get vegan stuff. for thousands of years they have been plant based for spiritual and ethical reasons.

Sneha M says:

Islam is not a religion of peace. They are the leaders in slaughtering animals in any part of India. This gives them courage to kill non Muslims as well. No one talks about the cruel butchering carried out in islamic festivals.

Sneha M says:

Cow Milk is essential. We don't need chemical based soymilk. Of course the methods to get cowmilk should be improved .

Sub Chord says:

it is very different in India how 😂😂that in America ..there are very little of it that are totured or are being milked it in harsh way or getting something bad to Cow as many of time the milk is provided by local dairy and you are free to go to many dairy area nearby and can make video about …you will see the difference..the vegan came when it was problem in western country …and if there is problem in western country doesn't mean there is problem in whole country …it is not any Marvel movie or American like Hero have to save the whole world and showing only America 😂😂😂😂😂

Chandrasen Kaushik says:

Now U r on Right path

Sarojini says:

Can you please make a video about peta they are the most shady organisation killing more then 80% of animals in there care. Because of there hypocrisy people dont take animal cruelty seriously. And sory but please dont try to use them as an example.

Crudy Barfy says:

are there indian vegetarians?

Keyur Kanjariya says:

You are right but I think you don't know whole thing.
An average one cow gave 10-15 litre milk but its baby can consume around 1-2 litre if it consume it get some disease after some it dead. (this is science ok so don't say I made a story)
If we leave milk in cow it convert dangerous disease and cow get dead.
And at all places cow treated way that you think so I say you should first protest again Non vegetarian who kill animal directly.

Vegan Health Cafe says:

Keep up the good work !

hoodie protocol says:

You people are amazing instead you became vegetarian you became vegan it's really hard thing for non-vegetarian 🙏, I am also vegetarian but vegan is really a hard thing but atleast vegetarians didn't consume animal for their one time food but we are indirectly consuming them🙏

A K says:

I am amazed a west person only eating vegan food

Foodlover 9192 says:

Veganism literally orginated from India

Main Hoon Abhijit says:

Every animal can eat everything that he likes . That's how the food chain works . You're vegan , good . You like non -veg ! That's also O.K . We should not criticise anyone's food.

TheNitish17 🦋 says:

Cow is not animal! And You can drink milk of cow It's vegan!!

Optimum Brand says:

we indian don't use leather rakhi that is the reason petta ad is false and petta is fuking busines in now days fuck petta and be vegan


Even 200+ invasion not able to destoye strick Hindu vegitarian culture ( or religion also ) what you do think you can change India 😂😂😂 , hail vegitarianism no one can make Indian vegan , see this picture on my profile ? Just search about him

Animatrix says:

We need more milk alternatives, it's so friggin hard to get alts.

Indian cooks and books says:

Eating vegan in India is really budget-friendly for locals too! I made 9 vegan meals with a 5(ish) USD/300 INR budget on my channel. I want Indians to know that it is not an expensive affair to go vegan.

Shantanu Batta says:

As an Indian vegan my first activism started in Japan. They are very passionate for activism and coming out of their conservative and risk-aversion mindset. They also have an ancient Buddhist vegan diet called "shojin ryori" which has been forgotten by many people and was replaced by beef, pork, coffee drinking habit and other dairy and bakery products when Japan got too much influenced by the west like any other Asian country. One German man also said that he sees more bakeries and sweet stuff in Japan then anywhere else in Europe.

Aman Singh says:

I mean eating flesh was the way humanity came to where it is now. Your forefathers and their forefathers, they all ate meat, and that's how we evolved ourselves.
Human body was designed to kill and eat other animals, I don't wanna be rude or oppose anyone, but that's how we are.
I respect your choices but accept none of it.

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