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If there’s a large Italian-American community near where you live, there’s a great chance you’re familiar with baked ziti. Done right, it’s a real crowd pleaser, and an easier to make alternative to lasagna. And what does “done right” mean? You’re about to see. Enjoy!

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I like how you explain things so clearly 💯

Timothy Tobin says:

Thanks for showing me how to take my baked ziti to the next level! BTW, you know what's better than baked ziti? … Cold baked ziti the next day!

triadwarfare says:

Now that it's harder to find Sbarro nowadays, I might try my own… but I prefer the meatless variant, or anything without pork

Deborah Simmons says:

Amazing recipe, I didn’t have hot Italian sausage on hand but I had ground pork, so I found a YT recipe for Hot Italian sausage and did it myself. That alone was just wow, my husband tasted it before I assembled the baked ziti and he said it was the best and most flavorful sausage he’s ever had. Hot Italian Sausage recipe by YT channel, Omnivorousadam. Aside from that the rest of your recipe was absolutely perfect, my sister-in-law, Denise, was the baked Ziti queen at every family pot luck…it was so good!!!! However, now, I think I could challenge her with this recipe. Thank you for sharing an amazing recipe!!!! Gratzi!!!!

Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus says:

LOL I am to lazy to make Lasagna so I typically make Ziti. I love using Spinach in this recipe, you can also substitute Ricotta for Cottage Cheese; mixing the pasta and the sauce together seems like a great time saver 😛

Raul Olivas says:

😯 No crushed red pepper flakes?!?!

Joanna Lannister says:

Looking for summer recipes that will stretch out a bit and this came up! With red meat being as expensive as it is, I love this recipe.

Do you have any more recipes that require less expensive meat and less oven? I mean, we ain't shitting money out here.

We did this pretty cheap in that we asked for trimmings and left overs but it was still so good. I just basically told the butcher what we planned to do and he did the rest. If you want a cheap meal but want to use meat, visit a local butcher. He wants your business so hes not going to cheat you. And you want a good cut of meat so you won't stiff him either. Make a fair deal and you will end up with really good food for a decent price.

CornerTalker says:

This turned out well – he's right about the needed liquid. I was surprised there was no garlic, but it was just fine without it.

Bhawani Singh says:

The sauce is always my favorite part 😍

Dom Wise says:

I played myself. 😪

Dom Wise says:

Why do you talk like that

R Nguyen says:

I love that spider skimmer trick! Baked ziti is my go-to for care meals, and I like mine saucy, too! Did anyone happen to see if Chef John used Rao’s?

David Collins says:

not the best.

Mari Stanku says:

you are basically Artie Bucco from the Sopranos

S1L3NT G4M3R says:

You wanna get the water pretty salty… just like my ex-wife…

NaturalFitNurse says:

Great detailed video & Thanks for the tip on the extra sauce that’s definitely the missing link for a great baked ziti. I can hardly wait to try this recipe.

Jonathan Smith says:

half a fu*kin tray in there

Alex says:

"Tubes like nothing more than to be filled with stuff"

Brian Hammer says:

You are the Kon Tiki of your Marsala Baked Ziti.

Geronimo's Bones says:

Tubes like to be filled with stuff? 😃

Please, John… Send that memo to my wife. She refuses to let me fill her tubes with anything.

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