Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 495

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Anon says:

She has made it SO SO SO BADLY!

Susan Behring says:

Making this for the holiday!!!

Maria Schwartz says:

Potatoes are too loose. Sorry 😞. You can use tofu sour cream.

Lucky Me says:

What about topping the mashed potatoes with grated cheese.
For the sauce , don't you need tomatoe puree?

Karl Juwde says:

worchester sauce is not vegetarian btw

Anita Flynn says:

Worcestershire sauce is not vegetarian. It has fish in it !!!!

Amitha Thomas says:

It looks so good

Joanna Cummins says:

Why would you concern yourself about anchovies in the Wooster sauce and then use butter, cream and sour cream?

Joseph says:

Just made it yesterday, pretty good! However I did think it was a tad too light and needed a bit more of a punch of flavour. Id recommend adding half a cup of parm into the mash for some cheesiness, or some gravy on top of the pie! You can easily make vegetarian gravy, just look at the brand of the stock cube

Tampa Bay Things To Do says:

Another awesome vegetarian recipe! Thank you!! So delicious. No one in my family is a vegetarian and wel all had seconds.

منوعات مني امين Variety Mona Amin says:

ايه الجمال ده ماشاء الله

انا و بنتي Ana w Benty says:

بالتوفيق اختي وسلم ايدك واحلب ليك

The Home Food Channel says:

I love vegetarian Dishes. #thehomefoodchannel

Alexius Scott says:

Thank you!!!!

Douglas Harley says:

looks delicious!…thanks.

carmine maresco says:

By using the worcestershire sauce with anchovies you just made it non vegetarian friendly.

Zee Zub says:

I'm making this tonight thank you so much for the recipe.

Soofia says:

Hi Laura I’m happy that u r making halal shepherd pie can I make it without using wine? Coz I don’t drink wine at all Laura I’m not a vegetarian I eat halal meat only

Joseph Clark says:

Sum of that "put a smile on yo FACE SAUCE!!" No lie. BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL! ! ♧÷♧

Ronnie Patel says:

You can get a veggie worcester sauce which you can use, to make this recipe 100% meat free

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