red sauce pasta recipe – indian way | how to make classic desi tomato sauce pasta recipe

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full recipe:


red sauce pasta recipe | how to make classic tomato sauce pasta recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a classical italian red coloured pasta made with homemade red pasta sauce. it is one of the traditional italian cuisine recipe known for its, taste, flavour and creaminess in each bite. the recipe is very much inspired from the italian cuisine but a tailored and customised recipe for indian taste buds.
red sauce pasta recipe | how to make classic tomato sauce pasta recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. indian cuisine is known for its versatility and also for its adapting nature from other cuisines. especially it has adapted myriad recipes from western and eurpoean cuisine. one such easy and simple adapted recipe is the traditional pasta recipe or popularly known as red sauce pasta recipe.


Nishika Rao says:

It turned out great…..but I added too much red chilli powder

Aakash gupta says:

I have a better and much healthier way to make pasta in less oil and more creamy

Payal Kashyap says:

I made it today….it is awesome. Everyone liked it in my family. Thank you

India Sarai says:

Used this recipe and it tuned out really good

ItzRainbow says:

What blender u r using???

Divya Chowdhary says:

Do we put the boiled tomatoes and chillis together in the blender or just the tomatoes?


didnt add salt

Mrunal Chaudhari says:

1:03 I'm in love with the tomatoes 😍😅😂

Nisha Baldwa says:

Do u live in foreign?

Nikhitha Rajesh says:

Hello maam can we add oregano instead of herbs

Abhishek Sharma says:

Can I use some veg mayonnaise 🤔

marketing marketing says:

I will make this for my maa on mother's day

Krishika's Creations says:

I love red sauce pasta, but I hate making tomato puree 😒🙄

Kavita Jain says:

Yummy pasta ready to eat 👌

Hello kidz says:


Asha Rathi says:

Can i skip mixed herbs

Abhinn Menon says:

Sorry.. Just a feedback.. Al Dente doesn't mean cooked well… It means it is bit firm to eat.. About maybe 80 percent cooked.. Some Italians consider that also over cooked for pasta

a&n _ says:

Adding cheese and mayonnaise also it tastes bomb 😍😋

Pritee Jain says:

Awesome…….mene try kiya aaj perfect bana he..thankuuu soo much hebbers kitchen

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