Restaurant – Style Veg Fried Rice | वेज फ़्राइड राइस | Street Style Fried Rice | Chef Kunal Kapur

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How to cook Veg Fried Rice | वेज फ़्राइड राइस चायनीज़ | Quick Recipe | Chef Kunal Kapur

This is one of our favourite Indo-Chinese recipes. As the flavours of the veggies really come out very well in this Chinese fried rice recipe. This is a perfect go-to dish for every rice lover. You just need a few easily available ingredients and you are good to go! Here’s how you make this lip-smacking recipe at home by following four simple steps.

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Hi, I am Chef Kunal Kapur and this is my space, my channel.
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Kunal Kapur says:

Which other chinese recipes you would want me to cook next?

Nick Thapa says:

Sir if we are using boiled rice than i don't think to use water again what do you think about it

Nick Thapa says:

I love this most Kunal Sir



j t says:

I can't understand why There are dislikes on such an amazing video…

Uma Sreedhar says:

You should have shown how to cook rice so separately 😀 if rice becomes soft,then fried rice …. gone

sakshi kataria says:

Tried this recipe today and it was my best fried rice ever!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 I will be trying all your recipes now 😁😁😁

Aruna Mehta says:

Wao kunal sir you make the recipie so easy . Cool cooking

Leema Pradeep says:

Tried it .It's awesome ❤️👍

riny shibu says:

Which oil you used for friedrice??

Beauty Tips says:

thankyou sir fried rice ki resepi ke liye


Salt ni dala jayega rises dalne ke baad

nilo arshi says:

Thank you so much brother for giving this recipe so easy….👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍

Prabhat Verma says:

If we don't have soy sauce so what we will add.

Deepika Anand says:

I don't like to cook in small pans …it is always a struggle…haha

shivam singh says:

Your best cook India you so lucey

shym11 1 says:

Alternative of vinegar???

Rohini Singh says:

Sir do u use ajino motto in ur dishes it safe to use while cooking

नवीन तिवारी says:

1:49 bhala koi china kyon jaaye🙄

vikram vij says:

Kunal Bhai ur recipes are so simple..I just love them..

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