Eating Plant-Based with The Family at Home

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Kevin Monceaux says:

That lemon zest looked more like lime zest to me. 🙂

Anna Louise Berg says:

It looks like something you would be served in a really good restaurant. Fantastic that you two made that in a matter of minutes. I absolutely love it 😍 thank you 🙏🏼 good to see Brian on the show! 👍🏼

Teresa Thomas says:

I watched the ‘family running, carrying giant fork’ intro, like …. 5 times. (Yes, I’m the same woman who used to ask my kids why they watched the same episodes of cartoons, over and over. Oh dear.)

Clara Nimmer says:


Terri A says:

Thank you! I'm going to have my sweet potato with lentils because it's what I have at the moment!

Paul Tin says:

Why microwave? Isn’t it bad for you, yet you are so healthy!

Tanjowill says:

My family members are coming to stay in 5wks, going to make all these delicious simple and cost effective plantbased meals to win them over.👍

Claudine Van Damme says:

Hi I made this bean with sweet potato and parsley, yummy! ! And indeed very quick. You have a sweet husband! Thanks for sharing. Missing Ann the acid Queen mum…

Lisa Perez says:

What fun to make a video with Brian! The recipe looks so simple and delicious. I've never tried tomatillo salsa, but I think I will branch out soon.

Michelle D says:

Dang. This is really good! Love the citrus and mango!

Helen says:

Using microwave for healthy cooking???

Michelle D says:

I am not a huge fan of sweet potatoes, I think it is the texture maybe? But was looking for an easy dinner, and this is it! I have it all on hand and am really sure I will love this. Fun to see Brian here! Thank you, as always!

Adrianne Vassallo says:

Great to see you are still cooking and I am liking the inclusion of your Hubby, Brian. Thank you for a fabulous recipe.

Patricia Green says:

I used your sweet corn sauce instead of frozen corn, just because I had some already made. This is an excellent lunch or dinner. So versatile based on what I’ve got on hand and personal preferences.

Jennifer Diamond says:

You guys are too cute! I will try this tonight and I love cilantro! Yum! Thank you!

The Little Homestead says:

Oh I miss your mum 🙁 but its best she keeps her social distance – thumbs up. Thanks for your great videos, you've inspired me 🙂

Elena Serrato says:

Looks so good

Donna Durham says:

Great tips Jane!

Sherri says:

Miss you, Ann! Stay well and we’ll see you soon! 💜

Sela Sybil says:

‘Great Video of Dr. Greger’
Pandemics: History & Prevention by Michael Greger, MD

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