Our Favorite Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes

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This video is a combination of some of our past videos all into one. Enjoy!

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Kylie Logan says:

Best French fries for air fryer!

Becky Schurman says:

I am learning so much. Thank you.

Eileen Shillington says:

Mushroom gravy

Malcolm Sheeley says:

No booze in any of my recipes. I heard that not all the alcohol gets burned off plus it against my religion. Anyway, I missed what you did with the pumpkin you scooped out and replaced it with the stuffing. Did you make a pie, custard, or what? Please tell me.

Rebecca of pollywogflatts says:

Enjoyed every minute of this video. Thank you for freely distributing this wonderful nutrition information. I bought my first bag of nutritional yeast yesterday! Thank you for improving the quality of my life.

Rebecca of pollywogflatts says:

Mommy stirring the stuffing is beautiful.

Kevin Monceaux says:

Cooking sherry usually has added salt. Drinkable sherry would give you the same sophisticated flavor without the added salt.


Your recipe's are incredible your family is saving peoples lives / mom is so thrilled to share her own personal views /wish there was more time on the show so you coukd both finish what you had to say/i love hearing people Finish there sentances

Queen Tanika says:

I have that pasta pot.

pmg and co says:

Mommy’s Umami Gravy 🍄😀

Kyndal Burton says:

You know you're vegan whenever you're so excited for mashed potatoes on thanksgiving and not turkey carcasses!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚

garden boots says:

Y U M M Y !

Noelia Hernández says:

I do know what a quince is, in Mallorca we make wine with them (it’s called vi de codony)

Phyllis Gordon says:

Nice mother/daughter team. Do you consume bread and rice?

Rhonda W says:

As I write this I have some of your Stones Scones in the oven. They taste great raw! I was thinking…..if they were frozen into tiny balls they could be used in nice cream to make “cookie dough” ice cream :). I lost just made some chia strawberry jam with a hint of maple to put on the scones…can’t wait till they one out!

Anji Church says:

And when you can’t find your masher like Anne’s an empty canning jar with a lid on works great…lol

hsghatora says:

plants all the way!

Kathie Mott says:

My favorite kind of masher! 🙂 I understand about leverage. I need to put my bowl in a chair to get the right leverage for me. Everything is high and I don't trust the step ladder because of balance problems.

Kathie Mott says:

I thought I was the only person who did counter pushups. Yay!!! I'm not alone! 🙂

Pale Compass says:

We always make a vegan pot pie filled with lots of root veggies. It's the only time in the year that we eat pie pastry. So, it's pretty special.

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