Simple Tofu Soup with Vegetables (No Meat Recipe)

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Learn how to make Tofu Soup that is simple, packed with nutrients and delicious, without using meat! This recipe is perfect for fast meal for the family. Turn it into a vegetarian recipe by substituting Oyster Sauce with Mushroom Sauce! Ingredients & Utensils ↓

Serves 4.
Store not more than 1 day in the fridge.

Simple Tofu Soup with Vegetables (No Meat Recipe)
2 pieces Soft Tofu (from wet market or this brand works):
1 cup Crispy Bean Curd Sheet/Skin:
100g Choy Sum:
6 pieces Shiitake Mushroom:
1/2 Carrot:
1/2 cup White Shimeji Mushroom
2 Cilantro Roots:
2 tbsp chopped Spring Onion for garnishing
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce:
1 tbsp Crispy Fried Shallots:
1/4 tsp Sesame Seed Oil:
1/4 tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Pepper:
650ml Water

S/Steel Spatula:
Ceramic Hot Pot:

Served with:
White Rice:

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Home Cooking with Somjit says:

What did you think of this recipe? Let me know!

Jing yun says:

Your accent is very cute. You sound like a mix of Thai and Malaysian/Singaporean.

Dhonna Vlogs says:

supet like…👍👍

Edwin Yeong says:

Very nice.easy to cook.

Belatrix Miniko says:

How to make it crispy tofu please… 👍⭐

hitzzz says:

Children loves soup

mallika sahana says:

Love this dish….good for dieting……superb

BroAiman LifeTv says:

wow it's delicious … this dish looks like it's fun..but it's a bit difficult to make it..but with some tips it's easy for us to follow..and it tastes like it's delicious..can I ask..want to taste ..

Christine Simon says:

What is cilantro roots?
Is it must use?

Marie C says:

Hi Somjit,can you tell me which brand mushroom sauce is good.I havnt bought it b4 n all i know is the LKK vegetarian stir fry sauce which is not mushroom sauce.Its full of nasty ingredients.

Jake Ricafrente says:

Hello please tell me what is that leaves?

Yuki says:

I can get by different soup recipe everyday without complain

dancewomyn1 says:

Beautiful dish..Look really good! 🙂

Weni Nuraish nabillah says:

Waww yami😋😋😋

jjd jj says:

What leaf is it?

Agy says:

Saya nak salin resepi, tapi laju sangat cakap perlahan2 sedikit in future tunjuk bahan2 tu letak subtitle jadi saya tak perlu pause selalu..its look good and healthy too.. I want to try….cheers

Bee Chin Kim says:

I tried n my kids loving it! Thanks

Tien Truong says:

Love ❤️ that soup I will try to cook it

Marcella Chee yoo says:

Wow delicious, thanks for sharing

IreneMy says:

I never wanted to learn how to cook i freeze and hesitate to touch raw poultry or meat and dread finding the green worms among the leafy greens during washing. .
However, seeing your easy to prepare ingredients and recipe such as this, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and try this simple tofu soup as i love tofu… though i'll leave out the mushroom …
Thank You so much..nobody in my circle of family members and friends will believe this..😅😅😄

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