The Best Southern Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe| Vegan Soul Food | Family Dinner

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Vegan Baked Mac and Cheese is so delicious! My family loved it! This is a dish you can make to satisfy your Mac and Cheese craving. My son loved it! You know kids love Mac and Cheese!! If you have a family who is transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, try this recipe and win them over! 🙂

Go vegan with the whole family!

The Best Southern Baked Mac and Cheese – Vegan:

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Birtha Otey says:

Is it 2 potatoes or one? The ingredients list on the website calls for one.

Shani Marvelous says:

Mac and cheese!! Yaaasasssssss! It looks so good, my mouth is watering.

The Geneus Life says:

I’ve never tried adding maple syrup or agave…hmm🤔 I think I’ll try that. Your Mac and Cheese look so good!

Courtney Davis says:

I'm so happy I found this! I'm from East Tennessee and the struggle is crazy!

Shirley P says:

So glad I found your you tube channel. I will be trying this and the collard greens. Lol at your grandmother telling on your mom about her two serving of food. New subscriber

Idea Baker says:

That whole vegan meal looked great and loved hearing your family’s reviews. I like that your vegan macaroni and cheese is both nut and soy free. Looking forward to trying it… thanks so much for another terrific recipe!

KetoKing says:

where is the cheese?

Evan Gilbert says:

Dang this looks amazing! Just subbed because I may need to make some of your recipes. I also make vegan food on my channel if you ever needed some new inspiration 🙂

BigMad Starr says:

This looks great! I am def going to try this.

Bless up with BarbieRedd says:

I can't wait to try this

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