Mexican Lasagna

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Mexican Lasagna : This is a family favorite recipe! One tray will be my husband’s lunch for the week! So easy to make! Bursting with flavor!


Steve Monahan says:

Looks delicious and simple. I will make it this week!

Deborah Richie says:

I'm sooo glad I came across your site. I'm new to the plant base eating. Your recipes are simple and very helpful

blackkjuice says:

I need to know what size pan you are using

valnaples says:

YAY for the Fire-Roasted Salsa…have been loving it ever since our first Florida TJ's opened here in Naples! <3!

Jacqueline Rojas says:

Looks.good but im.concerned about all those carbs. How much protein are you really getting from t he beams vs carbs ..

Helen Bair, MAPC says:

Why can't I get on your website?

Gina Carr says:

LOVE IT. Make it often. Making it to take to a party tonight. It's a crowd pleaser!

Guera Cabrera says:

i made this. next time i won't use the trader joes salsas they're kind of sweet for me. i'll take your suggestion on just using a corn and salsa mixture. this was good though. thanks for the recipe.

Dmoon1234 says:

Thank you. Subscribed.

john sim says:

mouth watering , thank you Jeanne !

Cheryl Hock says:

That looks super yummy. Thanks for the recipe:)

Gina Carr says:

Looks fantastic. I can't wait to make it.

Kelly Collins says:

Love these recipes and your tower. Cant wait to try this one tonight!

Plantfriendly says:

You need a deeper pan! Looks so good! K, I'm hungry!

Lynne says:

Can u tell me where u got your foodie tower? I tried googling it but I couldn't find it. Thanks

B Bales says:

Can you tell me where you got your grow lamp for your green tower?

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