Cloris Leachman: Vegetarian forever

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Even as the Oscar- and Emmy-winning actress kept us laughing on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” Cloris Leachman made sure she kept her five children fed with gourmet vegetarian dinners every night. She showed off her kitchen prowess to correspondent Tracy Smith.


Arfen Malik says:

She had just learned her lines on her way to the set… for such a heated scene…. just wow… did it in one take 👏👏
Her ability to concentrate was just proper

Montague Claybrook says:

Remarkable woman, amazing talent, a legend…

momof2 says:

Hardly a legend. An ok actress, and very opinionated. She is quoted as saying that fat people should be rounded up and put somewhere so others didn't have to look at them. Not a person to celebrate.

Tahtahme's Diary says:

I can't believe I didn't really know of her until I started watching Raising Hope 🤦🏾‍♀️🤗💚

Tahtahme's Diary says:

Omg that's SO me! You'll be eating late, but good 🤗💚

Lola Cookie says:

Compassion for other sentient, living beings does a body (and soul) good! 🙏🌈💕

Vanessa Cortez says:

I absolutely loved her in Malcom in the Middle.

Ekin Çetinkaya says:

I hope she doesnt Fed her childs vegeterian until they 18 years old.

Sharon Ruthenberg says:

Loved Cloris!

Rescue Rhonda says:

Love this woman! Like her, I went vegetarian many years ago (August 1991 for me), but unfortunately I didn't know that the dairy industry shoots baby male calves in the head within their only 1 to 2 days of life. Please do some research to end the suffering of our fellow animals.

Stephen Smith says:

And she still died. 🤷‍♂️

Queenofweaves says:

90 years old what a blessing!

A says:

She exceeds legendary 🙏👏👏👏

Diana Moore says:

RIP Cloris 🌹

Kelly Kel says:

Huge influence for me 👏🏼

It's awesome that she's a vegetarian. Betty White is a vegan. These ladies seemed like they were/are thriving still. And beautiful!

Miss Cleo says:

She was a fine actress and comedian. Sad times we live in when all our legends are gone, but not forgotten. She will be missed.

J C says:

Love her.Human beings are omnivores

Kacpper Jaanas says:

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Simply the best and scene stealer everytime.

A. Smith says:

If you're an idiot like me then you may want to know glue was made from horses via their collagen

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