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CHICKWHEAT is the answer for veganizing your old favourite chicken dishes that also need to be high-protein, soy free, mushroom free and delicious. The main ingredients are chickpeas and wheat protein. With its unique texture, this seitan looks like chicken and shreds like chicken. Chickwheat’s texture has a meaty bite to it and has a different mouthfeel compared to other kinds of seitan. Does this seitan taste like chicken though? I don’t think so — there’s no artificial chicken flavour here. You can certainly MAKE it taste like chicken. But even without anything extra, it does taste good! Savory flavours from the chickpeas themselves, miso, onion and garlic, plus vinegar helps cut the natural wheaty flavour of gluten. You can also mix in your own flavourings of choice. For your first time though, I highly recommend sticking to the original recipe.

After waiting LITERAL YEARS to try this amazing vegan ‘chicken’ seitan recipe, I’ve kinda gone all in on it. This shreddable vegan ‘chicken’ makes incredible vegan ‘chicken’ salad sandwiches, BBQ chicken wraps and vegan KFC fried ‘chicken’ sandwiches. I’ve also used it to veganize sticky sesame chicken and chicken ramen. Eaten cold, stir-fried or deep-fried; the possibilities are endless! What would you use chickwheat for?
NOTE: Sorry, my gluten-free friends. This recipe is NOT gluten-free and cannot be made gluten-free.

While “shreddable” faux chicken has been around for a long time (I mean, Chinese & Taiwanese faux meat makers have had it down and have been selling in Asia for decades), making it easily at home is NEW (or it was in 2017 when this recipe was developed).

In the western vegan world, shredded chikun was widely introduced by Chef Skye Michael Conroy in his cookbook, Seitan and Beyond (2015). I attempted the recipe and (probably due to my own hand budget constraints) failed to achieve the texture. When Lacey from created her own version (2017) with easier to measure ingredients and completely different process, I was STOKED. I didn’t have a pressure cooker so I waited a while (BTW, you don’t actually NEED to pressure cook). When I finally got one, I set aside a weekend to make the recipe…but before that, decided to make a batch of fresh bread first…and promptly broke my food processor attachment. Hence this two year wait until I finally got a stand mixer to to the work this time around. PLEASE read the whole blog post before getting started and follow the recipe exactly to get the best results.

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My recommendation: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng



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James Hoey says:

Mine came out chewy and gummy… Does anyone know what I did wrong?

F R says:

I'm very grateful for your channel!

Connie Sawatzky says:

Not sure if it was in this channel but I thought I saw : a “beef” version of this? Chickbeef wheat?? Thanks!!

Connie Sawatzky says:

What size of instapot should I get for this recipe?

Marta Insa Larriba says:

Can i do it with thermomix?

M M says:

Hmmm how about if you cook it without paper and foil, inside vegetables broth?

PePe Moke says:

Hey Mary. Would you please give us the hoisin stir fry recipe? Please point me to it if its out and I missed it. 🙂

B.A. McClucky says:

It seems so dry. Is there way to get it to be juicy? I've been vegan and haven't eaten meat in forever, but I do miss that juicy texture.

Món Chay Nhà Nhung says:

Wow that looks yummy 🌷👏👏🎁🌹🤝

The Green Room says:

This was amazing! I’ll be using this soon! I don’t have vital wheat gluten so I’m hoping bread flour will do the trick. But very nice video!

Zoe B says:

This video is extremely confusing with the back and fourth between what to use and what not to use. It blurs the actual instruction of how to make this. Sheesh

wage earner says:

This costs like 2 bucks buts takes million years and a lotta dishes to clean. but then you have to put some effort when your poor… 😂 I wonder if I can make bulk fried chick'in and froze it so that I could defroze it anytime I want.(it seems like when I freeze whatever I made myself, it just sticks together like one giant glob)

annie farias says:

could i put this in soups?

mzsgthom says:

Made this today exactly like shown and it came out great!!!!! Flaky but juicy! Omg I can't wait to make the honey butter chix or a popeyes battered one yay!!! Thanks!!!!!!

anambivalentenemy says:

Of all the appliances you used,i only have a blender.and not enough budget to get the others.
Can i knead the chickwheat by hand?
It looks fantastic!

ch says:

I made this, but it came out sooo gummy. Is this normal? I haven't had seitan much, not sure what's going on…spent so long working on it 😥
It seems just as stretchy when I kneaded it as when it came out, wondering if my cook temp was off and it's not cooked through?

zhongsense says:

Anyone done the macros on this? Protein per serving?

Dark Lightning says:

I’m so confused, you said put in the the stand mixer for 8 minutes, but you take it out after 45 min, which one?

J F says:

“ it’s out there, go find it”
“ I know most of you don’t have one but go out and get one”
I ❤️ it! 😁

LILYVLOGS De todo un poco says:

i don't understand the concept of calling it chicken, pork, hoe, rib, if it's vegan, nothing animal and they use those terms is that your mind doesn't want or want that I don't understand why you replace something gluten simply, I mean it with respect. Okay, not to cause anger is something I can't understand because putting animal name from there I don't understand

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