PART 2 – VEGAN – ASIAN BBQ – NEW SEITAN RECIPE – bonus recipe! | Connie's RAWsome kitchen

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Again thank you Amanda for sharing your recipe with us 🙂

Welcome to my vegan Italian kitchen!!! A place where it’s good for you the animals and the planet!

What I do when I’m not cooking …. I create and sculpt art dolls and sculptures


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Onexpresso Cafe says:

Drools, I wanna eat the screen. Thanks Amanda! Another great one for my recipe collection. These remind me of a Hawaiian Burger ( . Hope to make this seitan version soon, as a Caribbean burger with the burger, pineapple and red onion grilled and then assembled! Didn't happen to have the spice mix, so looked for a recipe online.
Caribbean Spice Mix Recipe;
2 Tbsp.dry Thyme, 2 tsp. Salt, 2 tsp.ground Black Pepper, 2 tsp.Garlic powder, 1 tsp.ground Cinnamon, 1 tsp.ground Coriander, 1 tsp. ground Ginger, 3/4 tsp.Cayenne Pepper powder, 1/2 tsp.ground All Spice, 1/2 tsp. ground Nutmeg.

janus2005hotmail says:

hello Connie. how many pieces/cups/ounces of meat did you start with please?

Karen Williams says:

You know Connie. We have tried most of your recipes and honestly they are all great! Your flavors really on point! I myself have a similar story my youngest daughter out of the blue decided to become vegan after seeing some videos on how they kill the animals and use for food. She was horrified! So that day I started doing research and started cooking vegan that same day! I myself became what I called a cheegan! What is that? A person who couldn't give up her cheese. My excuse to my daughter was I'm Sicilian and I need my cheese! Well next I started my YouTube search for recipes and I came across your site! I love it! Your cheese is my favorite! Now I can say I'm vegan because I was able to give it up after using your recipes! So thank you Connie for your wonderful stories and recipes and when your cookbook comes out I will be the first to purchase! Keep doing what your doing… we will continue to try all your delicious recipes… Karen…

Chuck Riggs says:

Looks delicious, and so did the roasted veggies in the lead photo… : )

Olga Busch says:

Another great recipe Connie 🤗

Sean Lumly says:

Oooh. I love skewers, but its your 'meat' recipe that looks exceptional!

I have ordered a ton of ingredients that should allow me to try this and other recipes, and I intend to! I cannot wait to make this seitan recipe!

NapturalButtafly says:

I plan to try this as soon as I get off my raw vegan detox. Thanks for sharing!!!

Summer says:

How much of the original seitan recipe did you use for the skewers?

Joanne Monaco says:

Next recipe in my kitchen:) it looks so delicious.

Samantha Levinson says:

Connie u inspired me. I bought some vital wheat gluten and going to try and make ur seitan recipe!! Excited 🤗😍☺️

cathyloves says:

YUM!! Looks so good

Dimy Ssg says:

Thank you! Really enjoy watching how you prepare your recipes. You're an inspiration. Just subbed to your daughter too:)

Frankie says:

I can almost taste it from here! If I had the beans on hand I would be making this right now. Will have to go out tonight to get them so that I can marinate overnight and make them tomorrow

Angela Hill says:

looks incredibly delish Connie. im running out of seitan, so I always knock on your door for ideas. you always have something for me. thank you.

Meagan Bahlke says:

Oh my gosh! I swear. I can smell this!

P. Annie Coleman says:

Connie this looks amazing, I can hardly wait to try it…….and you my dear are such an inspiration and you teach that we can just do what me like to make vegan meals
How long does it last in the fridge

Tag ASMR says:

Its perfect

Connie's RAWsome kitchen says:

Again thank youAmanda for sharing this recipe with us! Guys if u try this recipe let Amanda know what you think. hugs to u all!

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