The Perfect Breakfast Burrito (3 Ways)

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We all know the classics when it comes to breakfast ingredients, we’re talking bacon, eggs, and toast. Those ingredients are great but how about we take those classic ingredients, put them in a tortilla, and create the greatest burrito of all time – the Breakfast Burrito.


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Bryce Pennington says:

Made the first one today for my family and in-laws (minus the fresh tortillas)… absolute crowd pleaser! Thanks Joshua, really look forward to trying more of your recipes!

Ben Fourie says:

Josh… no man.
Are you not the king of next level? Why are the eggs on that chimmi not poached?

Nemanja Arsenijevic says:

anyone else think he sounds like deadpool?

Kha Za says:

Gooooodmorning Diabetes and Obesity!

GamersXnostalgia says:

My burritos always fall apart, I know how to fold a tortilla but whenever I'm about to do it, I mess up.

AJ Wing says:

Anyone know where I can listen to the BGM in the beginning?

Benz Boy says:

Am I the only one who is completely revolted when he refers to himself as papa?

Jason Ferguson says:

Dude! Thank you!

Lord yeetus says:

Whats the b roll music btw?

Ben Lourvanij says:

By the time you finish making these it’s lunch lmao

Johan Mellem says:

«hey wassup» has me fucking crying

Family Upgrade says:

This is some GENUINE food porn. Love it.

Cook It Up W/Chris says:

I have a quick under 15min breakfast for you right here:

Ryan T says:

By the time this thing is made it will be dinner time.

Peter K says:

I like to make a thanksgiving leftover breakfast burrito.

Penguin Master says:

I dislike eggs like that. I really dislike wet eggs so I’m seeing if anyone else makes them like me, so I can find the perfect recipe

Nikolaos Chatziapostolou says:

this is good but all this fckin butter is gonna make me fat :'(

Joannie Thomsen says:

The likeable forgery grossly compete because planet advisably bake lest a disgusting transaction. confused, periodic adapter

Kepdjy Coicou says:

Can you attempt the sausage burritos

Tarnue says:

First time on your site sir and I immediately subscribed to your channel, and thank you for these gems, cuz I love cooking breakfast!

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