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Learn how to make German Potato Dumplings! This style of “Kartoffelkloesse” is basically mashed potatoes in ball form, topped with crispy, butter-fried breadcrumbs. That’s some hot, starch on starch action! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I really hope you enjoy this German Potato Dumplings recipe!

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Maddie Mayhem says:

I made these and also stuffed them with seasoned ground meat and it’s a HIT!!! Thankyou for this recipe! Love it! Especially great on a budget

63 Arafat Khan says:

Are you sure these are ready to eat?!

Salty Sailor says:

Oh we do use cayenne, one of the most famous TV cooks Alfons Schubeck adds it to basically everything

Trish Burchette Sitzwohl says:

I use bacon grease instead of butter

Adventures with Frodo says:

The same reason you have doughnut holes.

NEELIX STFC - Server 021 says:


rithrall says:

It's similar to polish kartacze, one difference is that we add grated raw pottatoes. They are traditional with meat but i prefer with lentils and beans or forest mushrooms and buckwheat.

Miss Anthropist says:

Di- did he just say mashed potato fetish!? 😆

2Wheels_NYC says:

Yum! I want to deep fry the same recipe!

Linda Allen says:

Lol damp hands make smooth balls? Did you really just say that?

Jac Shank says:

Dang… I hate when I drool on my screen…. YUMMMMM


It looks delicious but I feel sorry that you have to hide the love of your life, Mr. Potato Head, because he's become persona non grata of the woke police.

S says:

I thinking ham and cheese in the center with the crispy bread crumbs on top.

Kim Gilbertsen says:

John, try the sweet version as well. Made the same way, but with half of a pitted Italian plum in the middle. After cooking the kloese, roll in sugar and lightly fry in a skillet with butter until lightly browned. Amazing!

Rey Rex says:

Probably extremely not traditional but chilled in a freezer then breaded, deep fried, and served with a béchamel or mornay and these things would be fair food

It’d basically be a stuffed fried mash potato ball with cheese sauce

Daffy Duck says:

I love German food that's an awesome recipe brotha. Thanks

Robert Sine says:

Chef John, How can I or where can I get crispy bread and butter pickles?

Eisra A. says:

Lmfao i should not be laughing this much watching a cooking video 😂😂

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