Vegan What I Ate For Thanksgiving

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Tag along with me at two Thanksgiving meals to see how my family satisfies the craving for classic comfort foods on Thanksgiving without meat, gluten or dairy….and still make them taste good!


Recipe for Cheesy Pasta at lunch: (use cheese portion of recipe:
Vegan Cheesy Casserole recipe:
Lakanto Sweetener:
Earth Balance Soy-Free Vegan Butter:
Dandies Vegan Marshmallows:
Schar Ciabatta Gluten-Free Rolls:



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“My Favorite Green Holiday Gifts 2014”:
“Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas”:
“How to Color Frosting Naturally & Quickly”:
“Soy-Free Vegan Lasagna”:


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Abundantlyblessed says:

Your kiddos are so adorable 😉

Rebecca Woodward says:

I think that your lifestyle is great, and I love how you don't push it as the only way to eat. My only query is what do you determine to be gmo? Because, orange carrots are actually modified to be orange. Lots of other veg has also been modified to grow in areas and colours and sizes. People have selectively bred also, which is also a form of modification. So we have the science type and the natural type of genetic modification done to the food we eat. So, what is your line between acceptable and non for gmo? Not saying this in a way to attack you. Am just curious

T har says:

Can't get my family onboard for a vegan Thanksgiving, sadly. 🙁 But at least they both respect my self food choices and eat vegan and/or vegetarian most other days (since that's what I cook for them). I love that you are all on the same page. I got a late start on this lifestyle. Hopefully, my current impact will help my children to make better choices when they are grown?That is my prayer, anyway. Did you have any vegan pumpkin pie?

YankeeSlayer69 says:

Learn to cook

Alyssa Rosengard says:

We had 7 vegetarians and me ( gf, vegan). My sis made gf/ vegan apple and pumpkin pie. Felt spoiled. I made gf challah bread for my nephew and i . I also made stuffing from it as well. Had roasted brussels, carrots and stringbeans and cranberry sauce. First time I have ben able to eat dessert out in a long time. Ur fam is sooooo cute. Ur food looked really good.

Terry Jevon says:

We skipped the turkey, it's usually a staple for many years but decided to go all vegetarian this year. We had homemade cranberry sauce, (cranberries cooked with a little and maple syrup and stevia), gluten free stuffing mix with added sauteed vegetables, sweet potato souffle, green bean casserole, (all natural ingredients), etc. It all came out great and we probably ate too much, lol. I have a ? for you though. Do you eat soy often (tofu)? I will not ingest it because it's really not good (too many reasons to list) and very hard to find any non gmo sources as well. 🙂

Michelle Spatafora says:

Shoutout to tpt with the free turkey lol

The Plant Eaters says:

I'm so glad I found your channel. I'm binge watching all your videos. We recently made the change to a plant-based lifestyle and can use all the help we can get, haha. We are a family of 5 and our kids are embracing the change like champs, which is great and has made it so much easier! Thanks for all the great information.

Luciernaga De Amber says:

We were lucky enough to find a Thanksgiving buffet in my area. It worked perfectly because I don't have any family to share the day with; only my husband and I decided to go to enjoy there. The food was fantastic!!!

April Jones says:

We had 2 Thanksgiving feasts as well! We brought a tofurkey with roasted veggies and potatoes, potato salad, Cresent rolls, gravy, a key lime cheeze cake, brownies, banana bread, and cranberry sauce. Then at my moms house she also made vegan mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, black bean and corn salad, and apple blossoms. So everybody feasted on our vegan Thanksgiving plus they had the other non vegan items.

Susan Ditzler says:

I had a vegan thanksgiving brought my own dinner with me because I am the only one that eats vegan. I had some cranberries, apple and pomegranate sauce that I made, some roasted butternut squash, stir fry that had brown rice with broccoli , carrots, celery and green onion, with some coconut secret teriyaki sauce. And a baked sweet potato.

Selena Rodriguez says:

everything looked so delicious!!

NaturallyNerdeeNicol says:

I need to find those vegan marshmallows!

Samantha says:

Love it! Your girls are adorable. We had a vegan Thanksgiving too and made lasagna, "caesar" salad, gluten free rolls, and pumpkin pie. Delicious and all vegan… even the meat-eaters in the family loved it. 🙂

Rachel Abraham says:

that looks great! do you ever run into issues where (I'm sure well-meaning) relatives try to give your children food that they shouldn't eat? or do they ever reach for food they shouldn't eat? (especially your little one)

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