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Tiramisu is not a dessert you commonly see out in the wild but when you’re at a party and someone busts one out it quickly becomes everyone’s favourite dessert. This is incredibly satisfying to eat and has such a lovely mix of flavours and textures. A really nice center piece dessert and a great one to try for Christmas.


Link to full recipe here:


All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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The Happy Pear says:

Full written recipe here: https://www.happypearcourses.com/tiramisu

αndrσmєdα says:

amazing!! fun fact: biscuits come from biscotti which in Italian means "baked twice", which is why they're crispy

nancy herrmann says:

I'm going to make this for me on mother's Day lol

Ronald Lapworth says:

Can one substitute Stevia for sugar?

Ipshita Saha Bhowmik says:

TY for this simple and economical tiramisu recipe. I’d be grateful, if you can tell me whether White Flour can be subbed with 1to1 GF cake flour?

seygra20 says:

Awesome. Always wanted to try this dessert but have no idea where to get lady fingers. Will try this recipe.

Liz Fell says:

Thanks for this. I really miss Tiramisu. I reckon even I could throw that together yay!

Honey Dubey says:

The first time I tried Tiramisu was yesterday from Three Vegan Girls Creamery in Connecticut. Oh my God!! It was heaven!!!!😋🍰

Epic Fly says:

They add banana in Thailand 😂😂😂

비니는못말려! says:

I am a Korean who is studying vegan bread. I learned a lot from your video. Thank you.

Chloe S says:

That looks so amazing and way simpler than I would have thought!!

Tina Eden says:

OMG — I love tiramisu, but until today I thought it was one of the things I've had to give up as a vegan. THANK YOU!!!

Laura M says:

Any other Swiss people here that could recommend a coconut milk? The only canned one without additives that I can find is the Alnatura one from Migros and the cream doesn't really whip up nicely.

marco zamperlin says:

Bravi, ottimo lavoro. Ciao 😉

Samantha Bishop says:

I love this and I need to try and make it. I also like that it doesn’t have alcohol in it, thanks for sharing ✌🏻🖤

simon says:

Needs a little hit of booze tho

MantaRay10 says:

This is one dessert that I have REALLY missed! Thanks so much for a simple recipe and definitely going to give it a go.

3PairDesigns says:

This is my Italian boyfriend's FAVE dessert and I know he has been missing it since going vegan, so thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I will make this soon and let you know how it turns out. Thanks so much, love your channel! 💖👍


Awesome video! Thanks for sharing! Aloha

Tom Judson says:

Please NEVER use music in that way again.

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