I Ate Almost EVERYTHING On Menu at Brand New VEGAN Restaurant

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JeanMarie561 says:

🤩Wow! Beautiful space! Food looks amazing!

Ilany e says:

All the food looks incredible!! Faaar out, it's killing me that I don't live in the US!

Rhiannon Roberts says:

Awesome! It all looks really yummy!

Dawn says:

Wow, that place looks great…!…i hope it's organic….If not, maybe someday…..Thanks….

Amy Brown says:

Perhaps I missed it, but I looked up the menu to see the pricing. Not bad for the quality! I’m definitely going there the next time I visit my niece!

Liz Cofano says:

Oh wow ! Chris how did you ever eat everything? The presentation was In-credible ! You should try to recreate on your channel. That biscuit with whatever that was looked Amazing.

Sally Skellington says:

That mousse!🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

Andrea Walker says:

That food looked amazing! I couldn't even decide which dish I would try first. Unfortunately I live nowhere near there 😭. I wish them the best luck and IF I am ever in the area I will absolutely stop in.

Goodlad1 says:

Wow, this all looked amazing

Julie MBC says:

Thanks, Chris! Cool video 😎📸
Beautifully edited!

Guess this is less than an hour from the airport, and Dallas is where our layover is at!
May try to go there, just gotta be sure they're open… purposely scheduled 8 hours, so we could go check out Dallas on the way to Boston.👍

Pat M says:

Everything looked delicious . Whoever think vegans only eat salads, could not be more wrong. Thank you for the great video.

OhNo Antonio says:

Well… Time to eat again. 😅

Jessica Nielsen says:

That Mousse!! ❤️

Liz Shiver says:

If I'm ever in Dallas, I know at least one place I'm stopping now. Wow!

Michael Quilantan says:

That t-shirt though! 👊

Laura Valles says:

Great review!! Love plant based recipes! 😎

EmptyEnigma says:

OMG that is a reason to visit Dalles!

Lynn Minich says:

Share this video with my sister and niece in Plano. Hope Chicago is on their expansion list. Meanwhile, yesterday I tried Stand-Up Burger, a new plant-based burger chain that just opened up in Chicago. Highly recommended (try the Buffalo Chick'n sandwich).

Angela Chappa Larrea says:

my mouth has been watering this entire video 🤤

Shann’s WoodLyn says:

Wowwie 🤩 All those looked so good!!

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