MAGNUM in a Tub – Magnum ice cream New ASMR

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MAGNUM in a Tub – Magnum ice cream New ASMR.
Big Ice cream packs from Magnum in 3 new flavours classic, almond and white.
This new ice cream is made similar to Ben Berry’s and Haägen Dazs. You have to crack the crispy outer layer first before eating. The ice cream is surrounded by crispy chocolate layers and contains chocolate chips inside too.

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Rendered on Samsung Galaxy S8

Take a Chance Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


imran sabir says:

Is ki price kaya hai

Dabeer Amir says:



Vanshika Aggarwal says:

What is its price??

MomsSpaghetti says:

I'm watching this because my magnum tub top layers don't crack. I wait 10-15 mins each time and place my hands where it says to press yet each time I have to slam my spoon into it countless times for it to break. Am I doing something wrong lol

Vedanshi Shah says:

How much money is there plzz reply of one ice cream?

AvatarK says:

Open the damn thing already

thatgirlnolinols says:

Guys isn't this the ice cream carefully made to be broken which was only created last month

h i says:

I want to try white

Kashinath Wakode says:

What is the prize

Paul Steffen Evardone says:

I Didint taste the magnum ice cream tub

Paul Steffen Evardone says:

Eh it's a magnum ice cream

SayoriMorow says:

Im asking my mom and dad to get me one but they said we dont have any sad 🙁

Miesskesso says:

I got it but it was overloaded with sugar so I threw it

ciaran bailey lewisham says:

Alma take someone bike to the bedes cafe centre charity projects

purva nagarmath says:

Most dumbest thing ever🤪🤪😜😴😴

Lacura Gronoberg says:

I still haven't tried them yet because they are extremely expensive in my country 🙄

Ghost EndGame says:

If you havent had one of these you need to try it the praline is the best one

Cole Shiells says:

Bruh are magnums even around anymore 😂

Maria Abecia says:

U must crack it

rhiawick says:

tadı nasıl anlatır mısınız

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