What I Eat in a Week (Vegan; Realistic)

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✹ Things Mentioned ✹
My go-to sourdough sandwich bread recipe → https://bit.ly/3gRnOVG
Carne asada marinade → https://bit.ly/3wULfmg
Quick cinnamon rolls for two → https://bit.ly/2U1Dz3m

→ Dalgona coffee
– 1 tbsp instant coffee, 1 tbsp white sugar, 1 tbsp hot water; whip whip whip till still

→ Oreo Mug Cake
– 4 oreos
– 1/4 cup milk
– 1 tbsp flour
– 1 tbsp sugar
– 2 tsps cocoa powder
– 1/4 tsp baking powder
Mash together and microwave for 1 minute.

✹ Timestamps ✹
00:00 Intro
00:56 Coffee deets
01:29 Day 1 (Toast, Bean + Rice Bowl, Burgers)
02:26 Day 2 (JustEgg + Potatoes, Toast, Salad, Pizza)
04:27 Sponsor Message
05:39 Day 3 (BLT, Bibimbap, Sushi)
08:55 Day 4 (Yogurt, Dolmas, Salad + Morsels)
10:29 Day 5 (Dalgona, Hashbrowns + JustEgg, Pasta, Salad + Tofu, Cinna Rolls)
13:51 Day 6 (Taco Bell, Salad, Japchae + Soft Tofu, Oreo Mug Cake)
16:13 Day 7 (Toast + Cream Cheese, Vegan Wings, Salad, Seitan Tacos)
18:51 Outro

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Welcome to Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen! My name is Sarah Sullivan. I share vegan recipes, from healthy meal ideas to plant-based versions of comfort food dishes I used to love.

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Sarah's Vegan Kitchen says:

Thanks for watching. 💕 It's a long one so I included chapters to keep it organized! And don't forget you can get 10% off your first 3 months with Ritual at https://ritual.com/sarahsvegan and with the code "SarahsVegan". Have a great rest of the week!!

darko says:

Disgusting, unhealthy and boring

Nick The Vegan Chick says:

Everything looks delicious. Now I want a BLT!

Georgia Astbury says:

oh my goodness that oreo mug cake was incredible

celine says:

I really enjoyed this format! As great as you are at in-depth recipe videos, I always love seeing some of your real life too!

David's Allotment says:

Great video and food with the exception of the vegan bacon because it contains coconut oil which is high in saturated fat and increases heart disease risk in vegans. I got an annoying advert from the meat industry so they are obviously showing signs of desperation advertising on a vegan channel and it shows Google/YouTube are desperate for the advertising money. Someone needs to invent a vegan only alternative to YouTube, where non vegan products can't be advertised on.

Madeleine Mironuk says:

That "goveggie" brand which makes the cream cheese you showed makes a really great shredded vegan cheese !!

AutismMama says:

I love how realistic your meals are and yummy 🙌🏻

Michelle Beckham says:

I’ve been dying to try that bacon. You don’t get any sweetness from the maple syrup do you? If you don’t, then I’ll definitely try. They look so good.

Nicole Crotty says:

Not sure where in Colorado you are, but if you're near Denver you should check out Nooch Vegan Market! They have some products I haven't seen anywhere else and fairly often there's a vegan food truck parked out front.

Nicole Crotty says:

Love mod pizza! I used to live in Boulder and would go to the one on McCaslin all the time, but I moved and now there isn't one near me :/

jaytea says:

culina’s the dank!

Ajimeh Ayuba says:

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So Yeah. says:

Wow all of your meals look delicious! Now I’m hungry🤤

Sara at PPKdotPT says:

Awesome video as always Sarah 😊

Josephine Okili says:

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Amelia Appels says:

All I want is for you to make videos. I don't care what format xD <3

IamSarahAnn says:

Love all your videos, girl! Whatever format you have the energy for creating as life ebbs & flows. Sending you love. 💚✨

Jones LeFae says:

Ooh! I have to find me some of that vegan bacon! Where did you get it?

ArmaniLovesToSing says:

How did you season the pinto beans?

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