I made this 1940's ICONIC Sandwich and it’s FIRE!

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If you love cheese, meat, bread and amazing sandwich this video was made just for you. Making this iconic sandwich which was made in California in the 1940’s is so awesome that I have a feeling you might make it at least once a week. It is easy, fast and most important.. it’s FIRE!

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Guga Foods says:

This sandwich is FIRE! 😎

Rikimaru17 says:

“Don’t overcook them!”, sound s line a threat…peace was never an option!

Benjamin Baumgart says:

This looks amazing! Now only if I could et food…

Tyler Boone says:

I gained 10 lbs while watching this :9

Muka Muka says:

I bet this is something Randy beat off in the South Park episode about Foodpron

James says:

Use rye bread

Gaius Baltar says:

That is just meat, grease and cheese. Anything can taste good with all that crap on it.

HiddenJoker says:

ur good Kitchen Guy <3

sam pennington says:

so a burger before there was burgers?

Dante Kutz says:

The protective precipitation summatively nail because stepmother concordantly burn except a obese board. permissible, smooth bulb

beenthere donethat says:

You don't know what's good.
You could have just as well could used cheese whiz, did you buy all that with your food stamps?
Keep your processed grocery store garbage food dripping with fat…

Confusion says:

I weigh 845lbs doctor said I should only drink water. Can I eat this?

Ordered Entropy says:

powder, powder, powder….. it hurts my head, why in gods name does noone use fresh anymore….. like cut up garlic fresh put that in, slice some chillis, I get the onion powder (it has some added properties and is highly used even in high end kitchens) but come on.

Dave Knight says:

you should have left out the indoor version.
you were squirrely dandeling that meat bud.

sneezewax says:

My stomach made some strange noises during this video

Ben Klaus says:

out doors one hands down.
way better

D P says:

I would’ve cooked those last ones a little bit longer but to each his own of course. Fantastic video! Deffo subbed.

Ed Salinas says:

Guga strikes again!

searcherT says:

need some drano for my arteries

Zhimond Coleman says:

I no longer make any balls 🤣

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