ASMR Mukbang Whole Baked Vegan Tart Louise, Viorel, Bora (Gluten free dessert) @Mich Love Eat ASMR

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it's me M&L addiction says:

Wow kala ko pati rose edible din.. 😂 yummy vegan tart parang gusto ko makarating dun. They say some food there ay masarap.. nanotice ko lang po wag mo masyado ibaba Ang cam mo po .. adjust mo po ng konti to see your mouth more while chewing the food po.. I always like your video.. sipag mo mag upload.. I know you can make it to the top.. just keep on believing.. keep safe, big hug 🤗🤗@m&l addiction 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾 CHEERS 🥂🥂🥂

Miss Alyssa Jordan ASMR says:

Oh wow 🤩 those tarts looks absolutely delicious mich! I wish I could try them! They’re so pretty too! Here watching girl 💖💖💖

Eerr Channel says:

Vegan tart beautiful 👍👍👍

미지의 소확행 MIJI's Choice says:

Thanks for sharing your channel 💞Nice Mukbang

Mukbang Twinnies says:

You got all pretty desserts over there, and they are guilt-free too!! Did you bake them?

REWANG Official says:


Yuuuuuuuuuummmy 👍

Michael Nash says:

Three different delicious looking vegan tart's! Very nice eating sounds. Real enjoyable video.👍👍😋😋 Hey Mich nice seeing you again. Stay safe and see you again soon, Michael

We Are FilJam says:

those are too pretty to eat!

Global Foodie ASMR says:


Tina Helina ASMR says:

everything looks really yummy

Maya Cooking Channel says:

I'm getting hungry watching you eat, everything looks good and delicious

An Vlog says:

cam on ban chia se video

อยู่ดีมีสุข says:


LittleLee Asmr says:

Oooh everything looks so beautiful and delicious. Such vibrant colors- the little cakes are almost too cute to eat.


These tarts not only look delicious but are also so pretty and pleasing to the eye 💚

Amelia Edutainment says:

The flowers are beautiful 😉

Yana ASMR says:

Istimewa banget gue nya bikin ngiler sehat selalu ya Meme

부자티비 보조채널 says:

잘 보고 갑니다~~ ^^

Taurian Vlogs says:

So delicious 👌

AnisaKhan Asmr says:

Loved the beautiful vegan tarts, super pretty and very tasty to the last bite. Thanks for sharing such a delicious meal video with us!

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