How to Cook With Dandelions | P. Allen Smith Cooking Classics

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Allen explains how to take a regular dandelion, like the kind commonly found in your front yard, and use it as an ingredient in a great dish for the whole family.

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Agnes Smythe says:

Mate, you really shouldn’t advise people to fry in vegetable oil….all plant oils become carcinogenic at cooking temperatures. There’s a reason why our grandparents used lard or butter to fry and roast foods in, and it’s that. Animal fats have a much higher smoke-point and are safe to cook with.

You can safely add olive oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, etc., etc., to hot food AFTER it’s been cooked, that’s fine, but it is NOT SAFE TO COOK FOOD IN/ WITH IT.

Judy McDowell says:

I batter and fry the blooms… taste like fried okra

Cynthia Crawford says:

Or put nutmeg in it

Marina Dumapias says:

Hi can I buy dandelion seeds I'm from Philippines I need this for my sister medicine

Scarecrow says:

I just made this and it was really good!! Thanks for the recipe and God Bless you!

James G says:

My grandmother never did all them steps and she cooked up some wonderful greens. Miss my grams

Coffy's Kitchen says:

Wish I saw this video before I tried lol it was too bitter.

Bilquis Ara says:

Wow I eat many times it in lockdown …n my mom cook it delicious …with chicken … Nature green vegetable

brettdarrellpatrick says:

The amount of pepper was insane

Benjamin Kanoza says:

Thank you for your video!

1234uz says:

Also use the Flowers as part of your Greens Dressing sprinkle them RAW on top with a Little Lemon Juice to help take away the Bitterness. My wife and I just ate some Dandelion Flowers Fired in a Batter the other day delicious and Healthy

Sandy Alexander says:

I'm surprised you mention daffodils while preparing edible dandelions – you might have added that daffodils are highly poisonous.

Friend of Tellus says:

Tasty stuff ! Healthy too !

Isuf Alla says:

When i saw he mixed onion with garlic, I stopped. U cannot mix them!!

Quantum Droid says:

you can also eat the flowers as well fried

VivHealthLife says:

Great! I am glad to come to your channel! I love dandelions too. I cook
with dandelions, I make dandelion flower tea myself , I really enjoy it! I feel
obviously good after eating or drinking the tea.

Ricky J Sports says:

I can open a restaurant and sell just dandelion soup I have the ultinate supplier in my backyard

James Brown says:

Onions and garlic kill the red blood cells

Jovy Learns More says:

Bitter taste means its good specially to diabetes… I love bitter gourd (some over cooked or sprinkle them with salt then gripped it for lesser bitterness) but for me d bitterness and d natural,juice of it is d healthy part of d plant or fruit…. Just cook it in garlic and onions with salt and pepper, and they taste really better even its bitter…

Robbie Schubert says:

I was wondering if you have tried dried mustard seasoning. I heard that can kick the bitter as well.

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