How to make a Bone Broth – Great for detox – French recipe

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Join my online French cooking classes 👨‍🍳: This video recipe will show you how to make a simple yet delicious Bone broth the way we do it in France. it uses simple ingredients and really worth the effort. Bone broth bring lots of health benefits too.

– Protect the joint
– Good for gut health
– Maintains a healthy skin
– Boost immune system
– Great for detox

Ingredients used in this recipe:

1 kilo of Beef or veal Bones (with bone marrow)
100 grams of Carrots
100 grams of Celery
100 grams of Onions
3 to 4 cloves of garlic
1 bouquet garni
salt and pepper to taste.
1.5 of stock (white stock)

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Matthew Haiqel Lee says:

hi im new to cooking but i wanna ask about stocks and broth – assuming that i already have a brown chicken stock, how do i turn that into broth? by adding seasoning and raw chicken meat and cook further or what??

Edward M. Roche says:

Salt. and Pepper?

Bluish Aqua says:

very good idea

Geri Leslie says:

Enjoyed your video. Subscribed and a thumbs up. Also, any reason not to add the bones from a couple of different animals?

Shar Roon says:

What to do with the marrow?

charles lucas says:

Vous avez souvent ce comportement. Vous mélangez le naturel comme des légumes, avec l'artificiel, ici un fond de légumes, pour le même usage. Je ne suis pas un pro, je cuisine mal. Mais j'ai de l'expérience. Ça n'est jamais bon… Et pour tout le reste, vous êtes formidable.

Craig Metcalfe says:

Hey Mate! My goal this year (2021) is to create my own stocks and use them as the basis for other dishes. I started a food garden in 2020 and it is booming this year. My father always said to start with the broths and mother sauces first. Although I have cooked most of my life (my first cookbook was Larousse Gastronomique) I have always chosen to buy my stocks. Thanks for this bone broth and I will use it as both my starting point and a detox for an overexuberance during the 2020 silly season. Merci Beaucoup Mon Ami!

Jughead885 says:

I made a beef bone stock for 24h. I did not add any flavoring ingredient to it because it was meant to be a soup base. I tested the taste after 4h and after 24h of cooking. The taste after 4h of cooking time was more instense, however after 24, it had more body(it was more gelatinous). According to my cookbook (professional chef) there is a time window when the taste peaks, after that it dulls down. According to the book its 3-4h for white chicken stock, 6-8h for white veal, 8-10h for white beef. For brown stock its uniformly 6h. For chicken/beef broth its 3h.

Cristina Velasco says:

C'est magnifique‼️

Bram says:

Le bouillon de boeuf est l'âme de la cuisine de ménage

Zulma Quiroz says:

Nice recipe, what time I need to put the salt? Thanks 😊

Nanan Mardiana says:

Commented by lulu RusbandiRusman ThanksFor Sharing theBeautiful Ways to Cook

methatronn says:

I make a lot of bone broth, and I don't like roasting the bones, i blanch them first. And I use ox tail bones

zog zog says:

"… you can almost see … " on the money! yes this is am important aspect. Great video but you still get a feel for this.

marymonk says:

can you use green onions instead of the yellow or white?

Widi W says:

It's good, but you don't mention where the stock come from…and how to make it..

Castle Key Weddings & Celebrations abroad says:

Love it, thank you so much for sharing this recipe. How do you say Bone Broth in French? Is there Bone Broth in supermarkets in France?

marymonk says:

What is the purpose of rinsing the bones first? Is it just cleaning them or does it serve a purpose in particular towards the taste of the sauce etc?

Alicia Arden says:

Women take time for their wedding make-up with as much patience as you spared for a bone broth soup! Honestly, don't know any better compliments!


I was watching a few bone broth videos , most of them nobody roast the bones! so Instantly knew where to look, thank you for your video I hope it reaches many people that do not know about the roasting of the bones. I learned this at culinary school Lenotre

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