The True Meaning of Pixar’s Magnum Opus

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Schaffrillas productions made a great video on the Pixar animated classic Ratatouille, The magnum opus, but I think there’s something he missed…


Soroei says:

Skinner's ideals were explained in another video that was pretty much what Schaffrillas' video was about but it came out before and it's more condensed but i'm glad you decided to bring this up anyway

Carter Lastname says:

I was going make the joke you have become the very thing you swore to destroy joke but you beat me to it.

steven says:

L love your video wanna be friends?

Rhett Medders says:

I see you’re also a fan of Shaff

Enrique Cervantes says:

This is fucking good

Schnitzel says:

"אם אתה יכול לחלום את זה, אתה יכול לעשות את זה" Walt Disney


Im happy to see your channel growing brother

MidHeroZero10 says:

This was like watching a movie itself

yes says:

That was interestante

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