Healthy Plant Based Meal Ideas! *easy vegetarian cooking*

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healthy plant based meal ideas! // easy cooking recipes for dinner time (vegetarian)

Hi friends! Today I’ll be walking you through three of my current fav vegetarian recipes. While in quarantine, I’ve been trying out some easy vegetarian meals that I can make for myself and my family. In this video, I made vegetable and roasted potato salad, roasted eggplant slices, and vegetable spring rolls! A quick overview of some easy vegetarian meal prep.

If you try out any of these recipes, let me know in the comments below!

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Veggie & Potato Salad
2:59 Roasted Eggplant
3:30 Spring Rolls

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Yessi Escobar says:

Please make more meal videos!!

Lucas Prins says:

Sitting here watching this while I make mac and cheese.. for the second time today.. videos got me shook though, keep doing what you're doing and I won't be surprised when you blow up

shauna yuan says:

I also think potatoes are the most delicious part of meals! I love "warmer" plant-based foods even if that's just adding roasted veggies to a cold salad. Really enjoyed watching this!

Agata Dark says:

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How Debbie Saves says:

I've never thought of adding roasted potatoes to a recipe. That's such a great idea. Wow that eggplant salad just made me hungry. I just cooked vegetarian recipes for my family for an entire week and they didn't even notice that they had not had meat all week and honestly I felt so much lighter and healthier. I loved your recipe ideas & your editing too. I'm so glad you found my channel because it helped me find yours & I subscribed. Nice job.

It's Veronika says:

I am definitely doing your eggplant recipe! It look so tasty!😋

Before You Buy Guy says:

Vegetarian food is so much healthier and nutrient rich

Learning Points with Doc Del says:

This is really healthy. I want to try this. Thanks for sharing your recipe, friend. Keep it up. Stay safe. God bless you.

Hervé simon Gastaldello says:

Hello my friend, i subscribe to your Channel for support you, please subscribe on mine to encourage me.🤗🔔✅like 49

Ivana Celina Kraljevic says:

you have such great lighting in your kitchen lol, also loved your thumbnail

Lisa Chou TW says:

Eat many vegetables good for the healthy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤗🤗 love it 🥰😍

Canadian Life Vlogger says:

Best wishes from Canada 🇨🇦
Love ❤️ from Canada 🇨🇦
New friend here
Such a amazing food
Stay connected
Stay safe stay blessed

ASMR with Bean Marie says:

This is amazing! Love the aesthetics. I love vegetarian/vegan meals 🤤

Support For All says:

Nice Recipes New sub here let's Support Each other!

Joey LifeTV says:

So easy to prepare. It looks so tasty and very healthy. I would definitely try this

Tide Knot Travellers says:

As a vegetarian it’s always great to find someone experimenting with new recipes and highlighting how tasty veggie life is! 😊 great video, subbed your channel🙋🏼‍♀️

Emily Green says:

These look so delicious!! Just subscribed.

merely Em says:

That salad looks so yummy! thanks for sharing xx will definitely try them out ❤️

Bite Size Tech says:

Awesome video mate, editing is sleek. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see more!

FoodTuber • says:

Lovin this video editing and the colors too

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