The Pizza Show: Naples, The Birthplace of Pizza

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The Pizza Show has finally made it to Naples, the birthplace of pizza. Our host Frank Pinello embarks on the ultimate Neapolitan pizza journey, visiting some of the most famous pizzerias in the world and hanging out with some of the best pizzaiolos in the business.

We visit one of the best cheesemakers in Campania, Caseificio Il Casolare, to see how buffalo mozzarella gets made; check in with our favorite Neapolitan oven builders, the father-son duo of Steffano Ferrara Forni; visit Pepe in Grani, Franco Pepe’s pizza palace; make a pizza with master pizzaiolo Gino Sorbillo; and even use Enzo Coccia Queen Margherita’s very own oven. This is a pizza lover’s dream come true.

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niko Fier says:

2021 ALBANIA 🇪🇺🇦🇱

Tim Tseng says:

Bringing a pineapple can to that place and add it on any kind of pizza there will literally start world war III

Jason Young says:

Is it delicious?: Yes
Will it bow your mind and change your life?: No

A.a Z.a says:

had a simple magherita pizza in Sorrento, and was blown away!

Marie Juana says:

man i eat pizza today

Elektrogstanzl says:


francheska says:

Italian language is the best😍😍

Adam Steele says:

It's a MEEEEEEE marioooooo

Tjocke Calzone says:

Pfft..Birthplace of pizza?, why are you in Italy, and not Greece or something .. Italians did not invent pizza, that is a myth, and furthermore the so called "stolen pasta idea" wich went around that people thought they stole the idea from chinas noodles.. they did not steal the idea from the chinese noodles.. noodles aren't even the same thing. So thats a myth aswell. x)

Michael Ryan says:

Ear hair outta control

Unbox Accessory says:

Don't call naples is a birth place of pizza which is false story , birth place is arabian country who have Manakish and other flat breads which prepared in wood fire oven 1000s of years history, what a false story created by Naples the topping color represents their flag Red tomato, green basil , white mozarella bullshit at the time naples was ruled by kings it was not Italy and the flag of the Naples was blue yellow and Red, today pizza has become popular in the world only because if americans they promoted this dish to entire world,

Kunal Jadhav says:

In its previous episode every one made fun of the mayor for eating pizza with fork and in this episode I see chef and Frank in Naples, Italy eating with fork… holy shit …. Jesus …ROTFL

Oussama Ben La-dead says:

I didn't knew Cesc Fabregas had a food show series.

Valeen 78 says:

I can't believe we still have many people in America who eat shit card board pizza from these shitty pizza chains. It breaks my heart. It's like they have only rubbed themselves to climax with a cheese grater than made sweet love in their lives.

William Mathews says:

Good lord so much pizza

Aheli Poddar says:

🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻 🔥

David L. says:

3:56 There you have the magic ingredient for the fame of italian cuissene. They sell something simple like its a treasure. No ofense, but they are just good at marketing. A pizza is a pizza, you know what I mean. It can't be more basic and easy.

Parallax says:

i find it funny how frank is italian american (i repeat: ITALIAN american) and he makes pretty much zero effort to pronounce italian names even slightly appropriately.

Helldrumz says:

I watched u eat pizza all day so I decided to make one! 🙂

Michael Grover says:


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