Jamie Oliver on preventing burnt BBQ food

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Jamie Oliver shares his tips on preventing your food from getting burnt when barbecuing. Check out more tips and the full range of gas and charcoal BBQ’s on http://www.jamieoliverbbq.com.



that grill has not been used at all. the cover is immaculate.

calendar64 says:

Jamie Jamie, what are you doing there is a difference between gas and charcoal bbq !!

Paul Jay says:

BBQ’s on gas is not real grilling in my book. Shame on you Jamie

HarryH , The Norwegian says:

This guy has no clue about grilling. That's a fact…….

Andrew James says:

Thats an outdoor cooker….not a bbq…..

Anthony A says:

Lol good luck, I came here to see if he covered Charcoal/Wood BBQ, I've recently discovered (finally at 19 years old lol) that the key (at least for me at the current time) is to cook the BBQ INDIRECTLY and to make sure the flames are not huge if I'm trying to cook Chicken or Pork so I started putting Charcoal only at both ends of the pit, this way, the middle gets really hot still but not hot enough to make blackened ashy chicken, I just did this earlier and my chicken came out at a nice golden medium to barely near dark brown color and it's fully cooked, all in all, they're all a bit lighter than El Pollo Loco's pieces of Chicken which for me is perfect. I also forgot to mention, if the chicken is fully cooked through but not brown/crispy for me, I end up throwing all the pieces on top of both ends of the pit that has the coal just for a few minutes so it gets that nice color and light crunchiness.

I haven't tried Fish this way yet but I'm guessing it'll end up almost the same way, as for Beef patties, I throw them bitches right over the hottest areas of the grill (so right over the coal areas) and for Steaks, I sorta let it cook out on the middle of the grill (so indirectly) but I only let it cook about halfway this way and then the other half of the cooking process I throw it on the hottest part so it gets those great grill lines but still comes out with very little to no blood)

Piccadilly line says:

BBQ on gas use a stove.

Christina Liss says:

not the same as a wood our coal bbq better flavour that just a house gas cooker in the garden lol

ladiechef says:

Don't spray water on flareups on a gas grill man

Mark Malekian says:

Tnx Jamie Oliver! Your are inspirational

Zero says:

Is that guy talking spanish? And why is all that grilled stuff allready cold? Maybe he is talking to much, while he should be already eating.

Arcade Party says:

Why add fat, nsng baby!

Vreme Je Novac says:

Roštilje Jamie Oliver možete kupiti i kod nas: https://www.vremejenovac.rs/catalog?q=rostilj+jamie+oliver

housebrigade says:

wht the fuck would u use a gas bbq?

Ward Nine says:

I bought one last week for £300 utter shite even burnt my hair

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