WGN Channel 9 – Family Classics With Frazier Thomas – "The War Of The Worlds" (Opening, 1978)

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Here is the opening to the Family Classics With Frazier Thomas presentation of “The War of the Worlds” on WGN Channel 9.

The Family Classics theme song was called “Moviescope” and was a piece of library music composed by Dennis Berry. It was originally released on the Berry/Conroy label.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, November 19th 1978 at 3:30pm!

About The Museum of Classic Chicago Television:

The Museum of Classic Chicago Television’s primary mission is the preservation and display of off-air, early home videotape recordings (70s and early 80s, primarily) recorded off of any and all Chicago TV channels; footage which would likely be lost if not sought out and preserved digitally. Even though (mostly) short clips are displayed here, we preserve the entire broadcasts in our archives – the complete programs with breaks (or however much is present on the tape), for historical purposes. For information on how to help in our mission, to donate or lend tapes to be converted to DVD, and to view more of the 4,700+ (and counting) video clips available for viewing in our online archive, please visit us at:


Jimmy B says:

This movie scared the crap out of me.

Mick Lafitte says:

The sound of a civilized past. Chicago ain't like that today.

Chris Morrison says:

I was saved as a kid by the magic of Frazier Thomas!

Luis Reyes says:

A Sci-Fi classic on Family Classics. Who knew? 🛸

HellsDonutHouse says:

I enjoyed this film many times on Family Classics. I still remember how upset I was when on one airing WGN cut the scene where the Martians zap the priest — an outrage!

Peggy Liu says:

I saw this on my tv in glenview Illinois when I was 7 yrs old.I realized that day, life was not the safe adventure that I thought it was! Halfway thru war of the worlds, my sister and her friend walked into the house all excited because they just purchased the most recent beatles 45 record and were gonna play it non stop till bedtime.

Yvonne Rogers says:

Actually, Mr. Thomas, I'm NOT ready for you to begin our story. I need you to back up and tell me more about Gene Barry. Who IS Gene Barry? I know a Gene Autry. Are Gene and Champion in this? That would be cool. I mean, Gene has had a similar encounter involving a phantom empire. We could use somebody with experience in this situation, Mr. Thomas. I don't know about this Gene Barry person. 


Thanks for the upload. I imagine many a Chicago family has good memories of piling onto the couch and watching Family Classics together. It's so interesting to look into another time. Best.

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