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A selection of comfort food for those times of strife when only self-indulgence will do, including chicken soup, full-fat mashed potato, creamy lemon risotto and chocolate fudge cake.

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Lemon Tree says:

"protection from life" well finally someone who's honest about their use of butter

Austin Lee says:

"We're not talking Strenuous Exercise, but we are talking about, Deep, Deep, Pleasure".

I'm a homosexual … I thought ….

Andrew G says:

I feel so justified now for having made mashed potatoes just to eat mashed potatoes.

Gaya A says:

The amount of animal products used is just gross. Honestly, eggs plus milk products together, ew, so unhealthy! And how can you feel comfort looking at a corpse of an entire chicken. Those are living beings! Getting pleasure looking at an animal corpse is sick.

Hershey Kisses says:

Also, lemon seeds in the risotto? Wtf? Who wants to bite into a whole lemon seed when they are eating a creamy risotto?

Hershey Kisses says:

She is allergic to salt, pepper, and any sort of seasoning whatsoever. Lol

Nanette Bravi says:

That mashed potato in the thumbnail is scrumptious.I like how it was prepared too.Thank you for the memories that I watched as a kid.The cooking episodes.🥰🍶🥚🥔🧈🍲🥛🍚🍋🧅🧄🥘

obserwator says:

Are those the kids with the abusive hub?

Tiff Compton says:

But…Nigella, the lemon seeds…

Vy Phan says:

Does anyone know what she called the egg cream mixture in her risotto?

Chris Redfield says:

What happened to the chicken and vegetables she boiled for the soup?

Janine Kennedy says:

Add cheese to a salad and it turns into comfort food. HP sauce on top of mashed potatoes.

turbofan ct says:

Anglo-Saxon recipes are like:
“How much butter do I need fo…”

So comfy…

Daniel Orr says:

“Damn that mash looks tasty!”
– Morris Moss

Kevin Underdown says:

"Nigella's Ultimate Comfort Food" money in the bank.

Shania Dirstein says:

Why do I recognize her voice?

Ninevi says:

May I just say how beautiful you are and how lovely you look in black and red! In love <3

Baby Sierra says:

Not to mention the vodka in the freezer as protection from life lol

S A says:

I love that Nigella likes tinned salmon 😍 I love tinned salmon on buttered toast with salt n pepper and lemon. Ahhhh. So delicious and so cheap.

Amy Gooder says:

I remember watching this on TV years ago. It was because of her that I bought my first potato ricer. And to this day it's the secret to my perfect mashed potatoes.

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