9 Questions You Should Always Ask On A Cruise!

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There’s no shortage of things to think about on a cruise! While you’re having a blast jumping around between fun activities onboard and enjoying fantastic food onboard, you’ll want to make sure that you’re having the best time possible. Here are questions you should ALWAYS ask on Royal Caribbean to make the most out of your cruise day!

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Emily McKeown says:

I am SO happy you mentioned food allergies first! This has been the biggest worry Iโ€™ve had since we booked our cruise for February next year- Iโ€™m so relieved!!!

Debra 007 says:

Did you know for the sit down meal you can order as much you want? For example, it was my first time trying escargot, the matrdee told me I could another dish if I don't like it or if I like it I could order another one! Another time, I couldn't decide which dessert I wanted, the matrdee told me order both. Yeah, what fun! I felt like royalty!

truepeacenik says:

What is the pollution impact of a cruise?

Bruno Vilela says:

God why am I so fascinated by cruise-people? Even though I abhor the idea of going on one

Mark says:

True story from the cruise ship I worked with:
A rich old lady (no more family) cruising alone for a month adopt 1 crew because he is being so nice to the old lady the entire cruise.

Janice Rockwell says:

Sounds perfect !

PeartDisicple481 says:

Yes they do

PeartDisicple481 says:

Yes you can,,,

Jason says:

Even in Chopโ€™s Grille, they will make a vegetarian meal (off menu) for you.

M!sterSm00th says:

Only question is where can I go without wearing a mask๐Ÿ˜. I'll cruise once I can cruise and relax without constant temp checks and walking with a mask.

suzycreamcheesez says:

must be me I would ask is there a ships doctor/medical

ari wolk says:

what are the best place to eat for vegans on the ships

nautifella says:

My last cruise was terrible. The food was pretty good, but there was little or no real entertainment and the day was filled will mundane and boring activities at best. I won't sail with that cruise line again.

Moses Manaka says:

Is it Halaal?

Gary McHenry says:

Love JR for breakfast. Everythingโ€™s nice and hot.

Greg Gerwitz says:

I'm using number 8 right now. As and older man, I have trouble understanding when folks talk to fast. Could you slow down a bit? Thanks from all us fogeys!

Casual User says:

Iโ€™ve been on a few different cruise lines and by FAR Disney is my favorite. Royal Caribbean is good… but Disney is next level

๐Ÿ›ณ Cruises & Travels Crew โš“๏ธ says:

Great video ๐Ÿ‘

Hugo Munoz says:

Wi-Fi is must for our family. Helps with the boys

smalls9852 says:

Along with having the right documents, you also want to ask yourself if you packed the right stuff. Do you have medications you may need, the right clothes for the weather you will have, the right clothes for dining, etc.

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