The Two Ronnies – Four Candles 480p

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*Update – I’ve managed to pull a 1080p version together from a 1080p source,


tasmedic says:

Four candles for 80p?
That's a bargain….!

Zulkifli Jamil says:

Four candles…four you are…four candles…handles for fork

Alison Clark says:

a miss in cmedy

Fred Bloggs says:

Could someone explain exactly what the ending means. After rigorous research all I can make out is Bill hooks is a play on words for Bollocks. But my idiot mind still does not understand what is meant by the ending.

spana123321 says:

Bill hooks how many do you want one or two? 😂😂😂😂😂

Paul James says:

Fork handles classic 👌

MrAaronvee says:

This is supposed to be the funniest sketch in British comedy history. But it fails at the level of being 'natural'. The set-ups for the gags are too forced, too unrealistic. For instance, forks come with handles already fitted; they are usually reinforced where they meet the metal. It is indeed the metal part which typically corrodes, breaks or bends. The plug gag also fails: 13amp plug for a bathroom? By law, British bathrooms have no mains-voltage power sockets, so why does he need the matching plug? Of course, he may simply be a dodgy builder. The whole thing is the low-level seaside-postcard style humour that the rest of the country had long out-grown.

snapped says:

ahh the good old days where dad and i would watch these together when i was 6!

Willie Disney says:

love you guys x

Chief_Andy_91 says:

The sketch makes me cry with laughter. The goodnight makes me cry.

Shauna says:

This is fucking shit

Lewis Horsman says:

“Hose! I thought you said hoes, see you gotta say hose if you meant hose” just inspired writing

Kickstart 1.3 says:

So does Ronnie B get his tap washers or not?

Thomas Armour says:

Don’t make comedy like this anymore

Michael Holland says:

A lot of Americans just don’t get it .Holsey67 🇬🇧

sarangcemut says:

Ronnie Corbett clearly doesnt look amused 😂😂😂😂😂

Julio Alberto Herrera says:

Fork handles…

Rabbie Burns says:

made a GIF from this as none seemed to exist

Sin Chye Cheah says:

what is shiokara

Paul Deakin says:

Check out the P.S. to this sketch when Ronnie Corbett appeared on Would I Lie To You. Brilliant

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