Classic Pub Dishes Team Challenge | MasterChef Australia

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In this challenge, home cooks will make pub food dishes to be served to 120 guests at The Hotel Albion in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Each gets to pick one of the five different classic pub dishes: surf ‘n’ turf, parma, pasta, roast of the day and fish of the day.

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Welcome to the official MasterChef Australia YouTube channel! 🇦🇺

MasterChef Australia is a cooking competition that takes talented home cooks through a series of culinary challenges, mystery boxes and invention tests!

The chosen contestants pitch their skills against the world’s greatest chefs and create 5 stars dishes under incredible pressures.

However, in the end, only one home cook will become Australia’s next MasterChef 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

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OhSankYouDoktor says:

Huge turnoff to see the girl who was making the chicken constantly touching the food with her hands when the diners are trying to be proper and use their knives and forks. I always said when I eat in a restaurant, I do not want to know what goes on in the kitchen.

Somasuntaram Panjacharam says:

Maybe after this all got heart attacks 🤣, looking at host maybe had few aready.

Entertainment Buzz says:

I love pork because the meat is so tender ,I usually cook chilly pork hot and sweet.🤓

Unaiza Syed says:

Who got the worst dish??

amita gadkari says:

I’m so hungry after this

Michael Kats says:

Who eats scallops in a Pub?? A Pub is for watching sports and hanging out casually with friends. Scallops are somewhat high brow for that.

🌸Neha says:

1:22 blonde chick at the back: were we supposed to cut the meat like that ..I didn't get the memo

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