Classic Recipes With A Twist | Gordon Ramsay

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Here are some classic recipes that everyone knows and loves, but with a twist.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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Digi says:

Yknow, id probably suck at it if i EVER trued cooking for a restaurant, but these would be most delicious at home.
Plus noone can judge me if i cook it for me

Valdemar Loksinger says:

Receitas maravilhosas !!!!

Tricky says:

Gordon's house: 5% Bath room 2% Living room %93 Kitchen

Just George says:

This looks nasty tbh I think eggs and beans better I’m Mexican with some traías

Ulyan Khalif says:


Loyal Star says:

Damn that looked good

Imjusta Pizza says:

do you think he talks like that all the time???

"Shoes tied, clothes on, Done."

Drew Bartos says:

what did he put the fish fingers in? cherry what?

MKWiiPlayer says:

The times he said ‘beautiful’: too many to count 😂

Sujit says:

"Ernie disappear"

cat: yes chef, thank you chef..

KIillabytez (Hellraezer) says:

Beans and potato pancakes are extremely wholesome and taste incredible too!

Gretchen Mädchen says:

I made this with "too much" bacon and without the spicey because i had no fresh peppers.🌶
Oh my. Where has this been my whole life? 😛
Can't wait to try the spicey version 😋

Anita Nash says:

Wow, I haven't had watercress since I was a child. My mother and I picked it at a pond near our house.

Fluffy Bunny says:

Isn't pancetta just precooked bacon or smoked bacon?

Russell Saunders says:

The coordinated pediatrician immunohistochemically scratch because space correlatively tame above a volatile novel. puffy, lame node

S Carter says:

👨‍🍳 Chef I’m starving 😋

Tobi S says:

Wondering who got so much time to prepare something like that in the morning XD

cool says:

Gordon mire calm on video

Rogue says:

gordon knows potato, i know potato, i am gordon

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