Healthy Living LIVE with Jeanne Schumacher, Ed D

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In this eye opening discussion we learn about toxins hidden in our cosmetic, cleaning and personal care products.


jammymommy says:

Is the company Jeanne mentioned her own??

jammymommy says:

Thank you so much, ladies!!!!

Tracy Current says:

Such a great video. Great information thank you so much. Jeanne is adorable.

Plant Spirit 92 says:

AJ you are such a great Mentor for me, and now Jeanne a new one 🙂 AJ you do such a great job of interviewing and finding the most interesting and educated people that help me navigate my way through all the toxic chemicals, both in my food and in my house hold products. I LOVED this interview SUPER INFORMATIVE-THANK YOU!!


Every day for almost 30years I've been putting baby oil all over me after getting out of the shower..Were all screwed. 🙁 I'm watching this on my laptop that is sitting on my lap, I'm sure my laptop causes cancer too.. I wonder about acrylic nails too?


I've been a dog groomer for 22 years & I've been soo concerned about the thousands of dogs I've washed lately. All the toxic shampoo I have absorbed & filthy dog hair I've breathed in.. UUUUGGGHHHH

truthseeker about our food says:

i became very aware of this issue after i was diagnosed with Breast Cancer
i changed to all Natural skin Care and Household Products
the most disturbing experience i had was while undergoing my Treatments .
i was given a list of lotions to use to sooth my burns by my Oncologist all of them had high levels of Estrogen disputers and where extremely loaded with toxins …..i was shocked and angry at this negligence

G Kuljian says:

In a society full of toxins, it's no wonder politics is toxic. Since watching the videos on what animal products do to our body, I've been in a state of shock regarding all of the sick people around me. And I wonder just what kinds of decisions they make, given they're not really functioning properly. I would have laughed at someone who said this, just a year ago. Not anymore. Also, stop going to Walmart! They bankrupted Main street, and pay zero taxes.

5x Disneyfans says:

What was the name of the app for our phones? Would love to have it. Thanks

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