Best tips for cooking on a gas BBQ

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This video features Richard Holden, one of the UKs foremost BBQ chefs, and Ian Hodgett, from The Barbecue Shop here in store talking about the best features of cooking on a gas barbecue. Both are passionate about BBQing and are experts so their invaluable tips will hopefully help you make the most of your BBQ and elevate your food from the usual burgers, sausages and kebabs. You can cook anything in your BBQ that you can cook in your kitchen, without making the house smell or having to clean out the oven.
All it takes is a bit of practice mastering the temperature but gas has the advantage over charcoal of being easily controllable. Flavorizor bars placed over the gas burners will give you that delicious BBQ smokiness when the fats drip onto them.
If you would like advice on any aspect of barbecuing just fill in the enquiries form on our webste or call the BBQ team in store on 015394 33434.

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Ewaryst says:

Great material. I'm about to cook on a propane grill for the first time tomorrow, these tips are priceless.

lopezfam says:

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Busca a Dios, antes de que sea muy tarde! Hoy podria ser tu ultimo dia en la tierra!

Que tengas un hermoso dia!

Craig Souder says:

American propane tanks are a bit wider and much shorter..That tank is ridiculously big..

Geo says:

Thats some weird looking propane tanks! 🤔😂

rosco killian says:

Good video. But totally disagree with not needing a cover if you keep it outside in England or Ireland. The lads in Weber have never lived in Dublin were it rains 200 days a year on your bbq! It’s too much, get a cover.

The Daily Gaming Videos! says:

I was the 1000 like 🙂

ryan hurst says:

If I was cooking on a 4 burner and wanted to do burgers, kebabs and sausages would I direct grill using all 4 burners?

George Pigmans says:

Naterial bbq

Chas L says:

I've had lots of big box store grills and even though it's a little more expensive up front the Weber has been by far the best grill.

Rich Hoops says:

Can you just place that warming rack on the cast iron to get indirect heat

Yulia Dubov says:

Very useful and well made video, thanks!

Do have to point out that the idea of seasoning grill grates while also burning off manufacturing greases is contradictory. The oil applied for seasoning will also burn off.
To my understanding the only chance to create some seasoning and not burn it off is to apply oil on pre-heated grates immediately before cooking.
This is not to say oil shouldn't be applied on cast iron after cooking to prevent rusting.
(Being theoretical here, because my experience is only with Weber Spirit's porcelain-coted grates that do not require oil to be applied per Weber's instruction.)

Stefano Costagli says:

may I know the size of the fuel tank? thank u

arash noori says:

What kind a freaking gas canister is that it looks like a bomb dude you’re a bad gas canister

James Hayward says:

Weber's don't have cross burners

will16320 says:

Name a better duo than these two

Guido Bullano says:

size of the fuel tank please?

BargSlarg says:

This video is too british

Muhammad 327 says:

Guy on left doesn’t want guy on right to get a word in. Any time guy on right makes A point, guy on left has to do one better. Hate people like that.

Taz Bo says:

Spirit II E-21 vs Original E-210 if they are the same price?

4fus1on says:

I just purchased the Weber spirit two burner grill. Can anyone explain what the setting for the burner knobs is for if you move the knobs clockwise or up after starting? What is that section for? I can't find any information on it.

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