Kit Kat Factory | How Kit Kats Are Made In Factory | How It's Made Kit Kat | Food Factory ➤#13

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How do they make Kit kats? How It’s Made Kit Kat. How Kit Kats Are Made In Factory. Chocolate factory. Food factory.

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00:00​ Intro
00:09 How Biscuits Are Made
00:58​ How Kit Kats Are Made
04:30​ How Ice Cream Is Made

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Wondastic Tech says:

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Comment: #Kitkat #Chocolate

M Nawaz says:

kitkat Factory kiss city main hai???

what an idea! says:

kit kat,,,,,,,,,, in india what we get is third grade quality,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
i see first time kit kat manfacture, its making and quality seems to be good,,,,,,,,,, why india getting that poor quality kit kat,,,,,,,,,

julie werner says:

My absolute Fav ❣️ Hats off to the one who designed the human brain that can make Kit Kat’s so efficiently 👍👍😊

Brian says:

The only problem I see with this process is the step that “removes excess chocolate”……I’m sorry but there is no such thing.

اميره زماني says:


LayLow2022 says:

My favourite chocolate in the whole entire world ❤️

Nature's Recovery says:

Here's the kicker, who gets to clean, fix and repair all that machinery 🙂

Robert Rivera says:

Anyone got a source on that song?

lex van der linde says:

Ik heb geen geluk in mijn leven door rtl 4 mij mishandeld kunnen jullie mij helpen

Bobby Fleener says:

That's not Biscuits, that's cookies, stupidity.

Mark Melendez says:

My absolute, favorite candy.

D Lüdemann says:

F**k Nestlé!!! Scu*ba*s

mdmarko says:

These are Japanese Kit-Kat bars, not US Kit-Kat bars. In the USA, Kit-Kat bars are made by Hershey. In the rest of the world, Kit-Kat bars are made by Nestle.

Mohd Rafiq says:

Oh Ho chocolaty 💜💝💛🧡🖤❤

VANE says:

BRAVOOO 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Hannah says:

This remind me of willy wonka's chocolate factory lol🤣🤣😂😂

Psv48p H says:

Nice 👍🇬🇧👋🙏

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