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Try these high protein vegan dinners for energy throughout the whole week!

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vaishnavi cg says:

People saying honey is not vegan but, sustainably sourced honey can be used in your diet and there is nothing wrong with that. My boyfriend's sister is a beekeeper and if she didn't do the job that she did, the bees would not survive over the winter months/long. She makes amazing honey and it's a shame when people cant enjoy it because they think they are helping the environment but thats literally the opposite.

Angry Buttlicker says:

Gonna try going vegan this summer summer🌞🌞🌞 wish me luck y'all😎😊😆

Anjali Singh says:


Tahlia Benz says:

That first dish is like one giant fart in a bowl

You Tube says:

This video pissed me off

Angie Ponce says:

I just made the chili and it’s soo good! 10/10. Make sure if you are just cooking for yourself to lower the portions by half.

dana sherrod says:

great recipes thank you

Shantay Perry says:

Yall begged Tasty for vegetarian and vegan videos for years and then they finally do one and majority of the comments "HoNeY iSnT vEgAn" Just omit it if it's that serious. Recipes were made to be modified. Yall are never satisfied 🙄

laci no says:

Do you have calories for this tasty food?

Vegan Raw Recipes says:

Looks great

TruTechie says:

What’s the dark sauce in the Tofu Stir a fry??????

carolina says:

Gosh tofu is sooo expensive in my country and all the high protein recipes use one block of tofu for ONE MEAL

Yukiko S says:

I have just made the vegan chili. I didn't have firm tofu so I used soya mince instead, and I added some yellow bell pepper. This is my new favourite on my vegan day. Thanks!

Devashri Joshi says:

Vegan chili looked amazing! I'd try it

Altazmuth says:

The recipes are great. The music and speed is awful.

Issy Mo says:

How much calories and protein is in it?🙄

Fou5 says:

show the macros .. it looks like these only have 20-30 grams of protein in them..

Ioana Baalbaki says:

Dat music ruin my mood

yann illarramendi says:

michael knowles

Neighbors Kid says:

I Eat Chicken
(This comment gonna trigger some Vegans)

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