How to Make Hearty Beef and Vegetable Stew and Cod Baked in Foil with Leeks and Carrots

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Julia and Bridget uncover the secrets to the perfect Hearty Beef and Vegetable Stew. In the Equipment Corner, equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for 13 by 9-inch glass baking dishes, and science expert Dan Souza explains the science behind the sound and flavor of food. Finally, Julia and Bridget make the ultimate Cod Baked in Foil with Leeks and Carrots.

Get the recipe for Hearty Beef and Vegetable Stew:
Get the recipe for Cod Baked in Foil with Leeks and Carrots:
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Scott Compton says:

I find if you braze parsnips with beef fat and let them caramelize it takes away the bland taste of the parsnip it takes on the flavour of the the beef.

JPEG-James says:

Can this be made in a pressure cooker like the instant pot?

Dark0blivion says:

3:45 the mushroom reappears 😀

NiNi Na says:

The sound experiment explains why you love a dish when eating out, then you get the recipe and at home it's just not the same. Layers of the experience are missing.

Saige Drecksler says:

I will be honest, before she said red potatoes I thought those were apple chunks 😅😅

Tony says:

Me: scrape down that fond

simmeringoo says:

a match stick of a giant person 😆

Tigger says:

Anyone know how I can share just the chocolate tasting segment?

Funny Girl says:

how can one make a stew like described but without wine and still taste good? not really a replacement for the taste of wine, but just so that the dish is well done. (sometimes one doesn't eat, drink alcohol for taste reason or medical reason or religeous reasong – and as far as I know from the last testings a few years ago, the alcohol taste my reduce, but the alcohol content doesn't)

steven k says:

Im NOT fond of kale BUT i am fond of the one with the you-know-what !

Matthew Poston says:

Adam Ried, Casserole Fiend

Ry Guy92 says:

Cooking it in the oven to prevent scorching. So simple, yet utterly brilliant.

Lizzy Anza says:

You can not get the recipe unless you sign up on your site and then pay to get them .

zippy zappa zeppö zorba zoolander says:

I still miss Chris

Jason Bean says:

I am definitely going to do the fish!:)

liberty Ann says:

Stew looks yummy but no mushrooms for me.

Sheila B says:


Michael West says:

I bought a three pack at Wal-mart about 2 years ago. All three EXPLODED within a week while being used. Glass everywhere and in my face and clothes. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE PYREX AGAIN. I only buy pyrex from thrift stores in nice 70's colors. If they haven't detonated by now they're probably safe.

Michael Vegas says:

Yaaaas! Julia & Bridget are my Queens! 👑👑

Ann Sidbrant says:

Lost interest when you added the peas.

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